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Geoffrey Wilkinson Patents
Wilkinson; Geoffrey
London, GB2
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4108905 Catalytic reactions August 22, 1978
This invention relates generally to a process for the production of butyraldehyde by the catalytic hydroformylation of:A. gaseous propylene;B. hydrogen;C. carbon monoxide, the hydrogen and carbon monoxide being present in a molar ratio within the range 1:15 and 2:1; andD. a catalytically eff
3939219 Hyrogenation of unsaturated compounds February 17, 1976
The invention described in the specification concerns a process for the homogeneous liquid phase hydrogenation of an olefinically or acetylenically unsaturated organic compound to produce a compound having a lower degree of unsaturation by contact of the said organic compound with mo
3933919 Hydroformylation of mono-.alpha.-olefins and mono-.alpha.-acetylenes January 20, 1976
This invention relates to improvements in certain catalytic reactions, namely, hydrogenation, hydroformylation and carbonylation reactions.

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