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Peter Mansfield Patents
Mansfield; Peter
Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3DD, GB
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7565189 MRI gradient coils with reduced neural stimulation July 21, 2009
A novel approach to the design of gradient coils for MRI is introduced which takes into account from the start the effects of induced E-fields and hence currents in a patient subjected to time dependent magnetic field gradients. The approach has led to conceptually novel designs of g
7563172 Interchangeable putter system July 21, 2009
An interchangeable putter system for the customization of putters to individual players and for increasing the versatility of putting on various putting surfaces. The system includes a club head and a plurality of interchangeable face plates. Each of the face plates includes a front
7030610 Active acoustic control with flexible joints in gradient coil design for MRI April 18, 2006
A method of producing an acoustically quiet coil design comprising first inner and outer surface conductor portions on a first block of material and second inner and outer surface conductor portions on a second block of material and including forming said portions of said each of said
6519343 Active control of acoustic output in gradient coils February 11, 2003
An acoustically controlled magnetic coil system is provided in which suitable non-magnetic transducers are embedded in a block of acoustic material in which the coil is also embedded, the transducers being energised to oppose the vibratory noise generated by the coil when energised.
5990680 Active acoustic control in quiet gradient coil design for MRI November 23, 1999
Acoustically controlled magnetic coils comprise first and second electrical conductors which are mechanically coupled by a block of material of defined acoustic transmission characteristics which holds the conductors a predetermined distance apart. The conductors are supplied with curren
5973495 Method and apparatus for eliminating mutual inductance effects in resonant coil assemblies October 26, 1999
Method and apparatus for eliminating mutual inductance effects in resonant coil assemblies in which a plurality of coils are situated in sufficiently close proximity to create small mutual inductances between the coils. The method comprises evaluating the mutual inductances using a T, st
5764059 Acoustic screen June 9, 1998
The invention describes apparatus for, and a method of, active acoustic screening and combined active acoustic and magnetic screening, of magnetic field coils, which pass a time varying current and which reside in relatively high static magnetic fields, typically greater than about 0.1
5416414 Sample mount for NMR microscopy May 16, 1995
A sample mount for NMR microscopy and NMR spectroscopy which enables a specimen to be accurately placed within an NMR apparatus and if required in a preferred embodiment for the specimen to be examined under an optical microscope to enable the images to be accurately compared.
5363036 Echo-volumar imaging using 180 degree RF pulses November 8, 1994
A method of producing a magnetic resonance image of a defined region of an object by an echo volumar imaging process including subjecting the object to an initial selection process to select a thick slice within the object to produce an active volume of spin magnetisation subjecting the
5336999 Echo planar imaging using 180 degrees pulses August 9, 1994
A magnetic resonant image of an object is produced by subjecting the object to an initial slice selection to provide an active region and by subjecting the active region to a plurality of RF pulses and appropriate amplitude modulated x and y gradients.
5325060 Coil circuits June 28, 1994
A coil circuit comprising a multi-mode resonant gradient or RF coil circuits for imaging and spectroscopy in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance systems.
5321360 Resonant cavities for NMR June 14, 1994
A resonant array for NMR for use at high frequencies, the array comprising two identical end structures and a plurality of continuous rods joining the identical end structures to comprise a plurality of or electrical circuit sections, the continuous rods being of electrically conductive
5168228 Echo planar imaging systems December 1, 1992
Zonal magnification of a selected area of an image produced by Echo Planar Imaging is acheived by taking images of a defined area in the presence of a selective R.F. control pulse so that subsequent processing produces a magnified image of the selected area with enhanced reso
5162736 NMR imaging November 10, 1992
A nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method of producing a series of three or four dimensional spin parameter maps of a defined region, which spin parameter maps are displayable as a set of contiguous planar spin parameter maps with arbitrary orientation.
5143688 Surface electrical coil structures September 1, 1992
A surface electrical coil structure for use as a signal receiver and/or transmitter with the desired magnetic field characteristics and which comprises a plurality of small coils positioned over or around a specified volume each coil being singly or severally electrically connected such
4978920 Magnetic field screens December 18, 1990
The screen is provided by surrounding the coil producing the magnetic field with a set of electrical conductors the currents within the conductors being controlled in such a manner that the field is neutrailized in a specific region of space, the current distribution within the conductor
4896129 Magnetic field coils January 23, 1990
A magnetic coil comprising a plurality of conductors is designed by calculation of the continuous current density required on the surface on which the conductors are positioned to generate a specific magnetic field on a further target surface or at specified points.
4873503 Electrical coils October 10, 1989
A magnetic field of required strength is provided in a desired space by a set of electrical conductors supplied with an electrical current or currents the current distribution being determined by the induced surface current distribution in a conductive former shaped to be of the same sha
4820986 Inductive circuit arrangements April 11, 1989
A switched coil arrangement is connected in a bridge configuration of four switches S.sub.1, S.sub.2, S.sub.3 and S.sub.4 which are each shunted by diodes D.sub.1, D.sub.2, D.sub.3 and D.sub.4 so that current can flow in either direction through a coil L depending on the setting of the
4588948 Nuclear magnetic resonance methods May 13, 1986
A method of investigating a body by nuclear magnetic resonance comprising preferentially exciting resonance in a slice of the body, applying a magnetic field to the body having first and second gradients (Gx, Gy) in different directions in the slice with both the gradients being peri
4509015 Nuclear magnetic resonance methods April 2, 1985
This invention provides methods of investigating a body by nuclear magnetic resonance. Nuclear magnetic resonance is preferentially excited in a slice of the body and the resulting free induction decay signals are detected in the presence of a magnetic field having first and second gradi
4318044 Methods of indicating nuclear spin density distribution March 2, 1982
Spin density distribution in a sample subjected to a static magnetic field along a y-axis is determined by subjecting the sample to an initial magnetic field gradient Gz to the static field together with a selective rf pulse to select a strip. The Gz gradient is then replaced
4169380 Electronic circuit arrangement October 2, 1979
A display device has its input information subject to a non-linear processing in order to compensate for the non-linearity of a sensor or in order to enhance the display. The input is periodically read and after processing is converted to a time signal by means of a down counter fed
4165479 Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods August 21, 1979
The nuclear magnetic resonance spin density distribution in a sample is obtained by subjecting the sample to a static magnetic field and exciting the sample with a selective or non-selective r.f. excitation pulse and a combination of magnetic field gradients which vary in directions alon
4115730 Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods September 19, 1978
A nuclear magnetic resonance spin density distribution in a sample is obtained for a selected plane or planes by placing the sample in a static magnetic field, applying a gradient to the field and simultaneously applying selective rf pulses to select a plane or planes in the sample,
4021726 Image formation using nuclear magnetic resonance May 3, 1977
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus designed to enable two and three dimensional images of objects to be obtained has coils for applying a static magnetic field and for applying magnetic gradients to the field in each of three orthogonal directions over the entire volume of a sample and

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