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Theodor Hansch Patents
Hansch; Theodor
Munich, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7026594 Method and device for producing radio frequency waves April 11, 2006
The invention relates to a method for producing radio frequency waves, whereby a pulse laser for producing light pulses having a predetermined spectrum of frequency modes and a predetermined recurrence frequency is operated. The light pulses of the pulse laser are detected by means of a
6038055 Method and device for generating phase-coherent light pulses March 14, 2000
For the generation of amplified, phase-coherent light pulses, a sequence of phase-coherent, equidistant input light pulses (21) is coupled into a resonator device (1) with at least two resonator mirrors (11, 14), forming a light path (10) with a predetermined resonator length, in such a
5079444 Method and apparatus for producing a non-linear interaction between two electromagnetic waves January 7, 1992
Method and apparatus for producing a non-linear interaction between two electromagnetic waves, e.g. a laser beam and a microwave beam, in a non-linear optical medium, wherein one wave passes through a predetermined region of the medium in a zig-zag path, and the other traverses the p

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