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Georges Charpak Patents
Charpak; Georges
Paris, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6133575 High-resolution position detector for high-flux ionizing particle streams October 17, 2000
This detector comprises a gas chamber (2) containing plane electrodes (4, 6, 8) delimiting conversion (C) and amplification (A) gaps. One of the electrodes is perforated with holes (18) and forms the detector cathode (6). The distance between the detector cathode and the anode (8) is les
5959302 High resolution radiographic imaging device September 28, 1999
A high resolution radiographic imaging device for medical or industrial radiography includes at least one ionizing particles detector equipped with at least one gas chamber provided with a window for the lateral or frontal inlet of the illumination beam. A first, a second and a third fla
5604783 Medical imaging devices using low-dose X or gamma ionizing radiation February 18, 1997
The invention relates to a medical imaging device using X or gamma ionizing radiation. It comprises a source (S) of radiation in a divergent beam, and a longitudinal slit (F) delivering a sheet-form beam in a plane containing the slit (F). A detection module (1) is provided, which compri
5596201 Device for forming images of ionizing particles by means of a multi-wire proportional chamber January 21, 1997
A device for forming images of ionizing particles through single-dimensional electrophoresis provided with a multi-wire proportional chamber. The chamber filled with a gas is of asymmetric structure and is formed successively by an entry window for the particles, taken to a negative
5521956 Medical imaging device using low-dose X- or gamma ionizing radiation May 28, 1996
A medical imaging device using X- or gamma ionizing radiation, provided with a source of radiation in a divergent beam diaphragmed by a slit and a module for detecting a beam transmitted by a body to be observed, illuminated by the beam. The detection module comprises a drift chamber
5432355 Method for representing the spatial distribution of radioactive elements by means of a screen of July 11, 1995
A method for representing the spatial distribution of radioactive elements of radioactively labeled samples, by means of a screen of the erasable phosphor type, in which the labeled samples are placed near this screen in order to generate thereon a latent electronic image formed by the .
5347131 Gas ionizing-radiation detector September 13, 1994
A gas detector for ionizing radiation particularly of the .beta. type leading to the emission of energetic electrons by a surface adapted to provide for mono-dimensional or two-dimensional detection. The gas detector includes a sealed enclosure containing an ionizing electron generat
5032729 Process and device for determining the spatial distribution of electrons emerging from the surfa July 16, 1991
A device according to the invention includes: a gas detector, comprising at least one chamber (2) and containing a noble gas and a gas or vapor that emits photons between two parallel electrodes (3a, 3b) between which a continuous high voltage (HT) is applied, whereby a first electrode (
5025162 Method and device for determining the distribution of .beta.rays emerging from a surface June 18, 1991
A method and device are disclosed for determining the distribution of the .beta. rays emerging from a surface. The device comprises an enclosure (3) filled with a gas mixture having a first preamplification chamber (6) between two grids (9 and 10), a second transfer chamber (7) between t
4739349 Devices for making electric charge images visible April 19, 1988
For displaying "electric" images recorded in the form of charges (+) on a dielectric sheet (1), this sheet is surrounded by two electrodes (2,3) one (3) of which is transparent, on the face of this latter turned towards the dielectric sheet is provided a layer (4) of an electroluminescen
4673885 Devices for reading the quantities of electrical charges borne by a dielectric June 16, 1987
The invention relates to a device for reading the quantities of electrical charges borne by a dielectric sheet using a probe scanning the charged surface of the sheet and connected to an electronic circuit adapted to measure the quantities of charges induced on said probe. This electroni
4567530 Read-out devices of electric charge distributions on dielectric surfaces January 28, 1986
In order to read-out and reproduce as a visible image the electric charge distribution carried by a dielectric sheet, and formed by the impact of X-rays having traversed a body to be analyzed, one has recourse to a detecting probe (2) out of center with respect to the axis of a head
4553089 Devices designed to measure locally the electric charges carried by dielectrics November 12, 1985
In order to measure the values of the electrical charges (2) carried by a surface S of a dielectric sheet (1), one uses a device consisting of a first electrode or probe (S) facing the surface S, a second electrode (4) applied against the back surface of this sheet, means (F) to displace
4376892 Detection and imaging of the spatial distribution of visible or ultraviolet photons March 15, 1983
A gas scintillation proportional counter, with a photosensitive layer, is coupled, through a UV transparent window, to a multi-anode proportional chamber filled with a gas mixture (for instance an argon triethylamine-methane mixture) having a large quantum efficiency for the UV photo
4317038 Device for determining the spatial distribution of radiation February 23, 1982
The spatial distribution of mono-energetic x-rays from a point source, is determined by a device which comprises a gas filled enclosure having a flat radiation entrance window. Flat electrodes establish an electrical field of such amplitude that there occurs conversion of said radiation
4286158 Neutral radiation detection and localization August 25, 1981
PCT No. PCT/FR 78/00046 Sec. 371 Date Aug. 2, 1979 Sec. 102(e) Date Aug. 2, 1979 PCT Filed Dec. 7, 1978 PCT Pub. No. W079/00353 PCT Pub. Date June 28, 1979A device for detecting and localizing soft gamma and X radiations, comprising an enclosure 10 provided with a window 11 opaque to lig

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