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Mendlovic; David
Petach-Tikva, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7515753 Phase extraction in optical processing April 7, 2009
A method of optical data processing, comprising: providing a first data set to be optically transformed using a transform; combining a reference data set with said first data set to generate coherent light, encoding a combined data set; optically and coherently transforming said light
7194139 Image compression March 20, 2007
A method of image compression, comprising: providing image-data encoding light; transforming said light from an image space to a transform space utilizing an optical component; and converting said transformed light into electrical signals, which electrical signals represent a compressed
7158317 All optical extended "depth-of field" imaging system January 2, 2007
The instant invention is an optical imaging system that produces images of acceptable quality of objects which are located at a wide variety of distances from the optical imaging system. A preferred embodiment of the optical imaging system includes an object (10), an auxiliary lens (12),
7119941 Input output matching in optical processing October 10, 2006
The invention relates to determining a matching between discrete optical elements, such as an SLM and a CCD, and continuous optical systems, subsystems and/or elements, such as Fourier lens and individual lenslet of lenslet arrays. Exemplary processing performed by such matched systems
7012749 Optical processing March 14, 2006
A method of performing a DFT (discrete Fourier transform) or a DFT derived transform on data, comprising: providing spatially modulated light having spatial coherence, said spatially modulated light representing the data to be transformed; Fourier transforming said spatially modulated li
7003177 Method and system for super resolution February 21, 2006
A method and system for enhancing the resolution of an image sensing device, including the steps of attaching a mask to a panel of detectors in an image sensing device, generating multiple fields of view, related to one another by sub-pixel shifts, acquiring multiple images with the
6894827 Optical linear processor May 17, 2005
An optical signal processor for transforming a first vector into a second vector comprising: a plurality of linear light sources each of which provides light having an intensity responsive to a different component of the first vector, a spatial light modulator comprising a plurality of
6879427 Shear inducing beamsplitter for interferometric image processing April 12, 2005
A shearing generator comprising: an input light source; an image generator that generates two images of the input light source at an output plane, the image generator comprising a beam splitter that splits light from the input source into at least one pair of interfering light waves at a
6344893 Super-resolving imaging system February 5, 2002
A super-resolving imaging apparatus employs diffractive optical elements placed on the imaging lens. This element, and the use of a modified Scheimpflug arrangement allow the conversion of degrees of freedom in one axis of a field of view to a larger degree of freedom in another axis in
6343307 Synthesis of light beams January 29, 2002
A method and system for synthesizing a desired light beam including calculating a two-dimensional light filter for an optical element, the two-dimensional light filter being such that the optical element produces under free space propagation, in response to illumination thereof, a th
6166833 Zero-order computer generated phase-only holograms December 26, 2000
A method for encoding zero-order phase-only holograms, and the holograms so encoded. The amplitude and phase of each point of a discrete mathematical transform, such as a Fourier transform, of an image to be encoded, are encoded as regions of a corresponding pixel of a transparent filter
6041151 All optical switch March 21, 2000
An optical switch for switching first and second input beams linearly polarized in the same direction which has a first half wave plate for rotating the polarization optically coupled to the second input beam, the first input beam and the output of the half wave plate input to a first
5909312 Phase-only filter for generating an arbitrary illumination pattern June 1, 1999
A phase-only filter for approximating a given optical transfer function for monochromatic incoherent light. The filter is designed by solving an integral equation for a phase function, and imposing, on a transparent plate, an optical path length for the incoherent radiation equal, in

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