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Madan; Taruna
Delhi, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7381527 Method of detection of SP-A2 gene variants June 3, 2008
The invention provides a method for predicting the susceptibility of an individual to pulmonary tuberculosis, the method comprising amplifying genomic DNA of pulmonary tuberculosis patients and normal control individuals using oligonuecleotide primers, sequencing the amplified PCR pr
7288376 Method of detection of SP-A2 gene variants useful for prediction of predisposition to aspergillo October 30, 2007
Allele specific primers and probes suitable for detecting allelic variants of human SP-A2 gene for applications such as molecular diagnosis, prediction of an individual's susceptibility, and/or the genetic analysis of SP-A2 gene in a population.
6262231 Polypeptides useful for diagnosis of Aspergillus fumigatus and a process of preparing the same July 17, 2001
The present invention relates to novel peptide sequences from the immunodominant region of an 18 kD major allergen/antigen of Aspergillus fumigatus from aa 6-22, comprising aa 10-20, aa 6-20, aa 14-20, aa 10-22, aa 6-13 and the peptide sequence resulting from the modification by subs

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