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Apparatus for fabricating a low voltage winding for a toroidal transformer

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4917318.

A winding apparatus for fabricating a multifilar low voltage winding for a toroidal transformer is disclosed. The apparatus uses a wire storage magazine 18 and a wire winding shuttle 20 which rotate about a semitoroidal winding mandrel 38 to wind a multifilar low voltage winding 48 on the winding mandrel having a greater radial depth of turns at the radially inward leg of the winding than at the radially outward leg of the winding. The multifilar winding can be wound with a group of conductors in a single pass over the winding mandrel, or wound one conductor at a time using multiple passes over the winding mandrel, or wound using multiple passes over the winding mandrel with some intermediate number of conductors being wound during each pass.

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