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Wescom Switching, Inc. Patents
Wescom Switching, Inc.
Downers Grove, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4377843 Data distribution interface March 22, 1983
A microprocessor-based circuit for interfacing between a plurality of serial data terminals and an external parallel data operating system. The interface circuit includes an asynchronous receiver-transmitter, which converts serial data to parallel data and converts parallel data to seria
4359679 Switching d-c. regulator and load-sharing system for multiple regulators November 16, 1982
In a system of parallel switching regulators sharing a common load, each regulator generates controllable pulses from an unregulated d-c. voltage source and then smoothing those pulses to form a d-c. output that varies according to changes in the pulses. A comparator controls the pulses
4289934 Integrated automatic call distribution facility and PBX system September 15, 1981
An automatic call distribution and voice line PBX switching system which includes a control complex having a first microprocessor based control circuit to selectively establish connections between access ports of a switching network. The control complex further includes a second micr
4267593 Method and means for digital conferencing May 12, 1981
A digital conferencing arrangement for use in a digital telecommunications switching system. Digital coded signals representative of sampled analog signals are compared and the results of the comparison noted to identify the present speaker in the conference. A comparison result indicati
4266292 Method and apparatus for testing analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog code converters May 5, 1981
An apparatus and method for testing for faults in an analog-to-digital (A/D) section and a digital-to-analog (D/A) section of a code converter in a digital time division, multiplex telecommunications system are disclosed. The A/D section is tested by connecting a digital test pattern
4259549 Dialed number to function translator for telecommunications switching system control complex March 31, 1981
A telecommunication switching system adapted to be connected to lines and trunks has a digital switching network and a control complex for executing system operational functions by program operated processors in response to dialed numbers received from stations in separate customer group
4257119 PCM switching system for wide and narrow band signals March 17, 1981
A common control telecommunications switching system capable of efficiently handling both narrow band and wide band information. The system uses a hybrid digital network having a time division section for switching narrow band signals and a space division section for switching wide band
4256926 Microprocessor control complex for a telecommunication switching system March 17, 1981
A microprocessor control complex for a telecommunications switching system disclosed in the context of a digital time division multiplex switching system. The control complex is arranged as a cluster of hardware identical microprocessors in a distributed processing configuration wherein
4218589 Method and apparatus for testing tone generators August 19, 1980
Apparatus and methods for testing digital tone generators in a digital time division, multiplex telecommunications switching system. The tone generator produces both continuous and interrupted tones, and testing of any tone is accomplished by determining if its successive PCM words are
4205203 Methods and apparatus for digitally signaling sounds and tones in a PCM multiplex system May 27, 1980
Different ones of a plurality of sounds or tones are digitally signaled selectively in the different time slots of recurring frame cycles by initially storing a group of PCM samples for each sound in addressable memory. As each given time slot recurs one sample of a sound preselected
4185250 Voice frequency RC active filter January 22, 1980
A voice-frequency RC-active filter comprising a plurality of resistors and generalized impedance converter networks for synthesizing the frequency response of a preselected LC filter. Each generalized impedance converter network includes a pair of operational amplifiers and a plurality o
4154988 Method and means for accessing program memory of a common control telecommunications switching s May 15, 1979
A method and means for providing a remote data station with access to the program memory of a stored program common control telecommunications switching system. The control complex has an input/output port and a modem for interfacing that port with its switching network. The control has
4149038 Method and apparatus for fault detection in PCM muliplexed system April 10, 1979
An idle channel test is provided for a digital time division multiplex and time switching network telecommunications system to detect and diagnose faults in an information path which routes digital information in dedicated channel time slots to and from a "time" switching network. In
4146749 Telecommunications network having multi-function spare network block March 27, 1979
In a telecommunications switching system having an "all time" network, the network is divided into a plurality of blocks, each of the blocks having assigned thereto dedicated groups of access ports for completing connections between those ports and any of the other ports in the system.
4140882 Methods and apparatus for special status indication in telephone systems February 20, 1979
A telephone system usable for example in hotels or the like and in which each of a plurality of telephone sets is equipped with a special status indicator or signal light as well as the usual bell, the system being characterized in that the indicator is automatically excited without
4064377 Electronic hybrid and hybrid repeater December 20, 1977
An electronic hybrid for coupling signals between two wire and four wire transmission circuits, and capable of meeting the operating requirements of practical telephone systems. The hybrid includes a pair of terminating impedances serially connected between the two wire port and the circ

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