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Tamarack Microelectronics, Inc. Patents
Tamarack Microelectronics, Inc.
Taipei, TW
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5892701 Silicon filtering buffer apparatus and the method of operation thereof April 6, 1999
A silicon active analog filtering buffer apparatus and its method of operation is disclosed to receive an input signal and generates a synthesized output signal. The apparatus comprises a pulse generator for receiving the input signal and producing a sequence of delayed signal pulses
5572511 Auto-adjustment circuit for collision detection of ethernet November 5, 1996
A circuit for collision detect of ethernet mainly includes a comparator, a controlling logic, level adjusters, collision counters and a packed length detector. The collision counter is used to detect a collision frequency of Ethernet data transmission. When the collision detector makes a
5425054 Surrounding circuit for the ethernet coaxial local area newtwork transceiver June 13, 1995
A surrounding circuit for the local area network transceiver comprises isolation transformer, electric resistance, Diodes, transmitting circuit, transistor, electric capacitor, and input circuit; in order to slow down the rising time and falling time of the signal, the circuit can ef
5042051 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving Manchester coded digital data for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet/C August 20, 1991
The present invention relates to an apparatus for transmitting and receiving Manchester coded digital data for IEEE 802.3 Ethernet/Cheapernet type local area network. The apparatus mainly comprises, an isolation transformer, a signal converter with one end connected to one side of the

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