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Scan-Optics Inc. Patents
Scan-Optics Inc.
Manchester, CT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7389152 High speed image scanner June 17, 2008
A document image scanner; a camera having a field of view, for sensing differentiated information areas on each physical document as the physical document is transported; an image processing system associated with the camera, for producing a virtual image data file from the different
6970267 Gray scale optical mark reader November 29, 2005
In a broad aspect of the invention, the master printed form is scanned and processed according to a forms definition program to produce a virtual form file comprising a virtual layout of the significant regions such as bubble targets of printed material on the form, on a virtual coordina
6212130 Method and apparatus for plural document detection April 3, 2001
The presence of overlapped sheets on a paper transport is detected by employing such sheets as an acoustic interference filter. A beam of ultrasonic energy of appropriate frequency, angularly oriented to the planar transport path, will be attenuated to a much greater extent than the
5850480 OCR error correction methods and apparatus utilizing contextual comparison December 15, 1998
The present invention includes methods of correcting optical character recognition errors occurring during recognition of alphanumeric character strings contained within one or more predetermined types of alphanumeric character fields. The methods may be practiced with a document process
5386482 Address block location method and apparatus January 31, 1995
A block of printed information, for example an address, is located on a moving page and data commensurate with the block only is transferred to downstream processing apparatus such as an optical character reader. The location of the block of information is accomplished by generating a re
4817179 Digital image enhancement methods and apparatus March 28, 1989
Digital matrices, for example digitized images, are enhanced by comparing a matrix to be enhanced with plural enhancement patterns for each position in the matrix of each element of the matrix to produce pattern codes commensurate with the matches with the enhancement patterns. The patte
4813077 Sales transaction record processing system and method March 14, 1989
The processing of documents evidencing business transactions is enhanced by optically scanning and imaging only specific areas of interest, amount fields for example, and simultaneously storing the imaged amount fields in two separate files. Subsequently, only those images which correspo
4628532 Alphanumeric handprint recognition December 9, 1986
The recognition of patterns is accomplished through boundary tracing and subsequent storage of encoded range testable data commensurate with the occurrence, interrelationship and orientation of geometric features on the pattern boundaries. The encoded data is compared with generalized
4524963 Document handling device June 25, 1985
A stacking and feeding device of document-handling equipment for documents moving along one of their edges, includes a transporting conveyor belt system that forces the documents against a stop where they begin to stack up in the horizontal direction in the order in which they arrive. A
4171129 Document transport October 16, 1979
A document transport for a document scanning device has an elevator for locating a stack of documents to be fed automatically into position to be scanned. The top document is removed from the stack by a feed roller. Other documents which may become entrained with the top document are
4122443 Character position detector October 24, 1978
In a character recognition system lines of data are stored in a line memory. This data is then accessed by a hardware implemented character position detector over a special line memory bus, i.e., a LM-bus. The detector searches the memory for the margins of characters and can also pe
4120049 Line memory October 10, 1978
In a character recognition system lines of data are stored in a line memory via a series of multiplexers. The data can originate in a controller for the system, a character reading station or other sub-systems, and is supplied to the line memory over a controller bus, a transport bus and
4097847 Multi-font optical character recognition apparatus June 27, 1978
As described herein, a program controlled image dissector tube scans the printed information recorded on a storage medium in a first raster to provide analog information signals representative of segments of the recorded information and in a second raster to provide analog information

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