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Rockwell International Corporation Patents
Rockwell International Corporation
Costa Mesa, CA
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36051 Automatic call distribution network with call overload system and method January 19, 1999
An automatic call distribution network (10) with an originating automatic call distributor (ACD) (12A) which transfers a received call to a destination ACD (12B) through an external telephonic network (24), a call overflow system (32) with a central processing unit (16A) at the origi
RE35278 Process for producing electrically conductive composites and composites produced therein June 18, 1996
Production of electrically conductive composites comprising a dielectric porous substance, e.g., fiberglass fabric, and a pyrrole polymer in the pores of such substance, by treating the porous substance with a liquid pyrrole, and then treating the resulting porous substance with a soluti
RE32945 Synchronization system for digital data June 6, 1989
A digital signal synchronization system including a digital signal source for supplying an input digital signal, and a plurality of substantially identical integrating circuits, each connected to the digital signal source for integrating the signal for a predetermined time. A plurality o
RE31736 Reactive computer system adaptive to a plurality of program inputs November 13, 1984
There is disclosed a computer system including a storage means such as a random access memory (RAM) for receiving data to be displayed upon a display means, e.g. a color cathode ray tube, a microprocessor for control of the computer system operations, and viewer input devices such as a
RE31569 Tension control of fasteners May 1, 1984
There is disclosed a technique for tightening threaded fasteners in which values of offset torque, initial tension rate relative to angle, final tension rate relative to angle and other joint related factors are empirically determined by instrumenting a plurality of fasteners of the
RE31531 Brake assembly March 6, 1984
A brake assembly including a pair of brake shoes having adjacent ends pivotally mounted to a support and an actuator disposed between the ends of the brake shoes. The brake shoe webs are recessed at one end to engage a fixed anchor pin. The recess provides an arcuate bearing surface adap
RE31327 Proportional digital control for radio frequency synthesizers July 26, 1983
A proportional digital control system for radio frequency synthesizers using binary coded decimal control to a frequency synthesizer tunable in contiguous small interval increasing or decreasing steps throughout the frequency bandwidth range of operation. A fine tune dial switch circuit
RE30989 Sealed valve and related structure July 6, 1982
A metal diaphragm valve including a multiple ply metal diaphragm structure comprised of a plurality of thin circular metal elements each having a planar annular rim surrounding a dome-shaped interior portion superimposed one on top of another with their annular rims fixed together to sea
RE30718 Saddle lockup for flexible printing plate August 25, 1981
A curved saddle for supporting and tensioning a flexible printing plate which has a series of closely spaced apertures along opposite edge portions. Each end of the saddle is provided with a circumferentially moveable spring biased bar having a series of spaced lugs over which opposi
RE30679 Character generating method and system July 14, 1981
A digital character generator method and system encode characters based on a normalized quad in accordance with coordinates of initial starting points of outlines of the character and variational parameters defining changes in those outlines such as slope and curvature. All characters of
RE30381 Flexible rotary coupling August 26, 1980
A coupling comprising first and second members adapted to be connected respectively to a rotary drive and a rotary driven means subject to displacement from its normal axis of rotation. An elongate member is located intermediate the first and second members and drivingly connected to
RE30037 Data communications network remote test and control system June 19, 1979
A remote test and control system for use with a data communications network having primary and backup facilities provides full network testing and switching capability from a central location, thereby obviating the need for manual supervision at the remote data terminal stations served b
RE29444 Fastener tool October 18, 1977
A tool including a fastener rotating output member and mechanism for indicating if a fastener rotated by said output member has been tightened to a prescribed torque and/or for providing an indication of the length of time for which the fastener was tightened.
RE29284 Process for forming interconnections in a multilayer circuit board June 28, 1977
Electronic interconnections are formed between a plurality of layers of multilayer board by first applying a removable and reuseable dielectric mask over the surface of a circuit pattern formed on an insulating layer. The mask includes a pattern of openings which define locations for for
RE28840 Feed, transport and delivery mechanism for book trimmers and the like June 8, 1976
Apparatus for feeding objects to a transport mechanism and transport and delivery mechanisms for the objects, and, in particular, apparatus for feeding books to, transporting them through the cutting stations of and delivering them from a two-station, three-knife book trimmer. The feed
D372218 Airplane July 30, 1996
D366439 Gear shift lever with cruise control January 23, 1996
D344521 Console for use in an automatic call distribution system February 22, 1994
D335852 Protective sleeve for an axle spindle May 25, 1993
D331572 Coupler for transmittal of data from remote computer to host computer December 8, 1992
D325557 Airplane April 21, 1992
D320187 Vehicle transmission gear range selector handle September 24, 1991
D317432 Airplane June 11, 1991
D284351 Washer control spring for a seat adjuster mechanism June 24, 1986
D279564 Microcomputer July 9, 1985
D274226 Attitude director indicator June 12, 1984
D274047 Attitude director indicator May 29, 1984
D274046 Attitude director indicator May 29, 1984
D274045 Attitude director indicator May 29, 1984
D274044 Attitude director indicator May 29, 1984
D268805 Wrench May 3, 1983
D263231 Flywheel March 2, 1982
D263230 Flywheel March 2, 1982
D263229 Flywheel March 2, 1982
D263228 Flywheel March 2, 1982
D257832 Altitude/vertical speed indicator January 13, 1981
D256678 Attitude director indicator September 2, 1980
D248749 Wheel August 1, 1978
D248748 Wheel center August 1, 1978
D248085 Portable band saw June 6, 1978
D242921 Valve handle January 4, 1977
D242619 Valve handle December 7, 1976
6621899 Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network September 16, 2003
A method and system (100) establishes voice communications between a computer operator (102) and an agent (104) of a business over a computer network, such as the Internet (108). Using an operator computer (106), the computer operator (102) views advertisements of the business' products
6435724 Transmission output bearings with intermediate speedometer sensor August 20, 2002
An output bearing assembly of a transmission includes a housing, and a pair of bearings. At least one speedometer sensor is mounted between the bearings. The arrangement allows the output bearings to be spaced axially by a relatively great distance.
6333980 Automatic call distributor and method for routing incoming telephone calls based on proficiency December 25, 2001
An automatic call distributor 100 and method for selectively connecting incoming telephone calls from telephonic units 102 to a plurality of available agents located at agent telephonic units 308 is provided. The automatic call distributor 100 includes a central processing unit 302 w
6320634 Organic polymer O-plate compensator for improved gray scale performance in twisted nematic liqui November 20, 2001
An O-plate compensator comprising an organic liquid crystal polymer, and methods for fabricating the same, are disclosed. The compensator is a uniaxial birefringent thin film with its extraordinary axis oriented obliquely with respect to the surface of the film. (It is noted that the
6282284 Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network August 28, 2001
A method and system (100) establishes voice communications between a computer operator (102) and an agent (104) of a business over a computer network, such as the Internet (108). Using an operator computer (106), the computer operator (102) views advertisements of the business' products
6246759 Call overflow system and method for overflowing telephone calls between telephonic switches June 12, 2001
A call overflow system 10 and method for overflowing telephone calls from an originating telephonic switch 12A and a destination telephonic switch 12B is provided. An information element data packet 34 containing information relating to the telephone calls is transmitted between the
6222919 Method and system for routing incoming telephone calls to available agents based on agent skills April 24, 2001
A method and automatic call distribution system 100 for routing incoming telephone calls 206 from external telephonic units 102 to selected ones of a plurality of agents A1001-A1007 wherein the agents A1001-A1007 are grouped into skill groups 110a-110n are provided. Each of the skill gro
6166683 System and method for high-integrity detection and correction of cycle slip in a carrier phase-r December 26, 2000
A system and method of detecting and correcting for cycle slip in a GPS attitude determination system is presented. The method employs several techniques for detecting and correcting for faults in high integrity carrier phase-related applications. A delta single difference is used as a

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