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Plasson Maagan Michael Industries Ltd Patents
Plasson Maagan Michael Industries Ltd
Kibbutz Maagan Michael, IL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6127662 Electrofusion method and device October 3, 2000
A method of joining a first pipe of a plastic material to a second pipe of a material which does not bond well to the plastic material, utilizes an electrofusion sleeve of a plastic material which bonds well to the plastic material of the first pipe and having a first coil of electrical
5870970 Water supply system and method particularly useful for poultry houses, and water pressure reduce February 16, 1999
A water supply system and method for supplying water to a plurality of water utilization devices, particularly poultry drinkers, supported over a floor extending at a predetermined slope, includes a water supply conduit extending over and substantially parallel to the floor, and a plural
5732732 Tapping fitting March 31, 1998
A tapping fitting for application to a pipe in order to tap a fluid conducted therethrough to an ancillary device includes a housing having a rotatable blade assembly threadedly received within the housing main section and including a cylindrical cutting blade at its inner end such t
5628278 Drinking water dispenser particularly for poultry May 13, 1997
A drinking water dispenser for animals for use in suspension-type water supply systems includes a pin received within a vertical bore in a housing and having a lower portion projecting downwardly through the bore, and an upper portion formed with an enlarged head, and overlying weight
5577529 Tapping fittings November 26, 1996
A tapping fitting for a pipe, preferably a plastic pipe, includes a rotatable blade assembly threaded within a sleeve non-rotatably received within a housing such that rotation of the blade assembly causes it to cut a cylindrical slug from the pipe to which the housing is attached. The
5396665 Shock damping device for flush valve mechanism March 14, 1995
A flush valve mechanism for controlling the flushing action of water through the water outlet of a flush cistern, comprising, in combination: (a) a water outlet valve to effect the flushing action; (b) a buoyant device, at least indirectly engaging the outlet valve, to exert a mainta
4890817 Quarter-turn valve January 2, 1990
A quarter-turn valve comprises a housing formed with a cylindrical socket, and a cylindrical plug receivable within the socket and having a bore extending diametrically through the plug for establishing communication between the inlet and outlet nipples in the open position of the plug,
4852522 Suspension-type water supply system for poultry August 1, 1989
A suspension-type water supply system for poultry includes a plurality of rigid, elongated suspension members each formed at one side with a longitudinally-extending socket section receiving a water supply pipe for supplying water to poultry drinking devices suspended therefrom, and
4703721 Suspension-type poultry drinking fountain November 3, 1987
A suspension-type poultry drinking fountain comprises a bowl supported in suspension and containing a water trough for receiving water to be made available for drinking by the poultry, and a valve assembly controlled by the weight of the bowl to maintain a predetermined level of water in
4649866 Poultry watering device March 17, 1987
A poultry watering device, connectable to a water supply line for supplying water to the poultry, comprises a cup integrally formed with a sleeve, a valve including a valve body receivable within the sleeve, and a valve operator disposable within the cup and engageable by the poultry to
4508374 Tube connection fittings April 2, 1985
A tube connection fitting comprises a body member formed with an annular recess for receiving the end of a tube to be connected, and a cap threaded onto the body member and including a plurality of fingers engaging the end of the tube received within the annular recess. The outer end of
4456026 Control device particularly useful as manual slide valve June 26, 1984
A manual slide valve comprises a housing having a valve slide slidable within the housing. The housing is constituted of two sections each including projections and recesses cooperable with each other and with the slide valve such that when the slide valve is disposed within the housing,
4444149 Poultry watering device April 24, 1984
A poultry watering device is described connectable to a water supply line and including an open-top cup receiving water from the supply line, a valve assembly having a valve operator disposed within the cup and controlling a valve member for periodically admitting water into the cup
4421347 Pipe coupling December 20, 1983
In a pipe coupling including a housing having a bore for receiving the end of a pipe, and clamping means for clamping the pipe to the housing, the clamping means is formed on its inner face with a first circumferentially-extending recess for receiving a first clamping ring, and with
4421061 Suspension-type poultry drinking fountain December 20, 1983
A suspension-type poultry drinking fountain comprises a hanger assembly adapted to be supported in suspension, and a bowl supported by the hanger assembly and containing a water trough for receiving water to be made available for drinking by the poultry. The hanger assembly and bowl
4083587 Split-ring type pipe couplings April 11, 1978
A pipe coupling is described comprising a split-ring having an outer conical surface defined by the top lands of a plurality of circumferentially-spaced axially-extending ribs, the higher end of each rib being formed with an outwardly-projecting step. The coupling further includes a

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