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Occupational & Medical Innovations Ltd. Patents
Occupational & Medical Innovations Ltd.
Queensland, AU
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7854722 Syringe with removable needle December 21, 2010
A medical syringe has a needle shoot back mechanism which can be triggered to shoot the used needle back into the safety of the syringe body and is of a special design to allow the needle to be replaced without affecting the efficiency of the shoot back mechanism. A rotatable cover membe
7544182 Single use syringe with improved needle retraction mechanism June 9, 2009
A single use syringe including shoot back, or retraction, mechanism for biasing a needle, retained in needle holder, back into the interior of the syringe body after use. The needle holder is urged, by a spring in the front of the syringe body, to pass through a piercable seal formed in
7147621 Single use syringe December 12, 2006
A single use syringe uses a "pinching" action between a specially designed plunger and a specially designed needle holder to shoot the needle back into the syringe body upon completion of the piston stroke. The needle is not biased by a helical spring and the syringe remains in an unbias
7104400 Medical syringe container September 12, 2006
A medical syringe container comprising a housing, an outlet through which a new syringe can be removed from the housing, an inlet through which a syringe can be replaced into the housing, and holding means to prevent a second syringe from being removed from the housing until a used syrin
6991215 Valve for use with a syringe and which prevents backflow January 31, 2006
A one-way valve assembly can be fitted to the end of a syringe to allow fluid to flow from the syringe and into a body cavity but to prevent backflow. The valve assembly is opened by insertion of the luer tip of the syringe into the assembly inlet. The valve has an internal elastic m

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