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General Motors Corporation Patents
General Motors Corporation
Detroit, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE37284 Corrosion resistant PEM fuel cell July 17, 2001
The present invention contemplates a PEM fuel cell having electrical contact elements (including bipolar plates/septums) comprising a titanium nitride coated light weight metal (e.g., Al or Ti) core, having a passivating, protective metal layer intermediate the core and the titanium
RE36167 Air bag deployable instrument panel cover March 30, 1999
An air bag module is mounted on the instrument panel structure forwardly of the passenger seating position. An instrument panel cover is mounted atop the instrument panel to conceal the air bag from view and extends transversely substantially the entire distance across the instrument pan
RE36001 Sand mold member and method December 22, 1998
A foundry mold member made from a plurality of sand practice bound together with a binder which is concentrated at the contact points between contiguous particles and consists essentially of gelatins having a Bloom rating less than about 175 Bloom grams. The sand particles are first
RE34723 Knitting method for forming integrally formed joins for three dimension fabric September 13, 1994
Knitted joins are made in double jersey knitted articles using a method which minimizes the effect of hole formation at the join. Single jersey edges are knitted along the edges to be jointed, being knitted on from one to six needles in each of the courses of knitting which form part of
RE34518 Vacuum actuated tank vapor vent valve January 25, 1994
A tank vapor vent valve assembly mounted to the top of the tank wall has a piston actuated by a source of engine vacuum which maintains a fill vapor exit closed until the gas cap is removed to relieve the vacuum and allow the piston to open.
RE33984 Clutch damper assembly July 7, 1992
A power transmitting clutch has a transient torque damper with a floating ring and spring members disposed in torque transmitting relation between an input member and an output member. The floating ring has a pair of stop surfaces that are axially and radially aligned with stop surfaces
RE33841 Dual spray cone electromagnetic fuel injector March 10, 1992
An electromagnetic fuel injector is provided intermediate its solenoid actuated valve and a spray tip having an enlarged axial discharge passage extending therethrough with an orifice director plate having two sets of orifice passages extending therethrough with orifice passages of each
RE33758 Closure panel pull down mechanism December 3, 1991
A vehicle body compartment is selectively closed by a spring loaded closure panel movable between an open position and a closed position. A latch assembly is mounted on the panel and has a latch bolt spring biased to an unlatched position and normally maintained in the latched position b
RE33663 DC torque motor actuated anti-lock brake controller August 13, 1991
A wheel lock control system is described for a wheel braking system that includes a motor driven actuator for applying controlled hydraulic brake pressure to the wheel brake that is determined by motor current. The motor current corresponding to the brake pressure producing the maximum p
RE33557 Anti-lock brake control system March 19, 1991
A brake control system is described that prevents a wheel lockup condition by identifying the brake pressure that produces the maximum possible braking effort during each brake pressure application period and applying a predetermined fraction of the identified pressure after an incipient
RE33493 Method and apparatus for measuring stable isotopes December 18, 1990
Spectroscopic measurements of stable isotopes are performed using a tunable lead salt diode laser. The design of the system is based upon the optimization of isotopic spectral lines from two different path lengths in an absorption cell using a single gaseous sample. A short path cell to
RE32031 Cambering vehicle November 19, 1985
A three-wheeled cambering vehicle having a platform for supporting the vehicle operator and having a pair of laterally spaced rear wheels mounted thereon. The vehicle has a centralized tubular frame with a front leg member that supports a steerable front fork and wheel assembly and a
RE31981 Control system for split axle drive mechanism September 10, 1985
A part-time four-wheel drive vehicle has a transfer case and a split axle drive mechanism for the selectively driving two vehicle wheels. The slit axle drive mechanism has a clutch associated with one of the differential side gears for preventing back drive to the transfer case in the tw
RE31184 Resilient mount for MacPherson strut March 22, 1983
A resilient mount attaches the upper end of a MacPherson strut to vehicle body support structure. The mount comprises an annular mounting plate, an elastomeric ring, a central sleeve with an attached end plate, and a ball thrust bearing. The annular mounting plate, the central sleeve and
RE29688 Pendulum support for a seat belt retractor July 4, 1978
A pendulum support for the pendulum of a vehicle inertia responsive seat belt retractor. The pendulum support includes laterally spaced side walls juxtaposed to the spaced side walls of the retractor housing, and an integral pendulum support portion extending between the side walls and
D563835 Vehicle body March 11, 2008
D527691 Vehicle body September 5, 2006
D525913 Vehicle body August 1, 2006
D525912 Vehicle body August 1, 2006
D522916 Vehicle body June 13, 2006
D521902 Vehicle body May 30, 2006
D521901 Vehicle body May 30, 2006
D518414 Vehicle body April 4, 2006
D516465 Vehicle body March 7, 2006
D516464 Vehicle body March 7, 2006
D515974 Vehicle body February 28, 2006
D506170 Vehicular exhaust pipe June 14, 2005
D502672 Vehicle body March 8, 2005
D489867 Reinforcement bracket for automotive seat belt sleeve May 18, 2004
D367966 Garment hanger for a vehicle March 19, 1996
D345127 Seal protector and joint retainer for installation of front wheel drive assembly in a motor vehi March 15, 1994
D338853 Automobile body August 31, 1993
D336742 Vehicle wheel June 22, 1993
D335838 Automobile body May 25, 1993
D323806 Vehicle wheel segment February 11, 1992
D316844 Wheel cover May 14, 1991
D310990 Vehicle wheel segment October 2, 1990
D310989 Wheel cover October 2, 1990
D310811 Wheel cover September 25, 1990
D305028 Exhaust gas recirculation valve cover December 12, 1989
D304819 Combined rear spoiler and light November 28, 1989
D302004 Wheel July 4, 1989
D301866 Wheel cover June 27, 1989
D301865 Wheel cover June 27, 1989
D300422 Vehicle wheel March 28, 1989
D298528 Vehicle wheel November 15, 1988
D294342 Wheel cover February 23, 1988
D293479 Auxiliary vehicle brake light December 29, 1987
D293310 Vehicle body December 22, 1987
D292907 Wheel cover November 24, 1987

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