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RE33551 Motor vehicle gearbox March 12, 1991
The invention relates to a motor vehicle gearbox with two concentrically mounted input shafts (6,9), each driving an individual countershaft (12,15). The countershafts have gear wheels (16,18,19,41) in engagement with gear wheels (21,22,40) on an output shaft. The shafts are arranged in
RE33428 Range gearbox for motor vehicles having an axially shiftable ring gear November 6, 1990
A range gearbox of planetary type designed to be joined to a vehicle gearbox, a so-called basic gearbox. The ring gear of the planetary gear set is non-rotatably jointed to an engaging sleeve by which the ring gear can be locked to an engaging ring fixed to the rear end wall of the g
D275665 Wheel September 25, 1984
D259930 Wheel July 21, 1981
D256904 Loading pallet September 16, 1980
D248389 Front fender July 4, 1978
D245599 Wheel August 30, 1977
7828863 Method and arrangement for reforming fuel November 9, 2010
A method and an arrangement for reforming a hydrocarbon fuel such as dimethyl ether (DME), methanol, ethanol, propanol, or any variants or other oxidized fuels is disclosed for generating hydrogen especially for supplying a fuel cell. Furthermore, a fuel cell system is disclosed which
7726952 Arrangement and method for compressed air systems in vehicles June 1, 2010
Method and arrangement for providing a compressed air system in a vehicle that includes a connection (6, 10) for delivering compressed air from a compressor (2) to the rest of the compressed air system (1). An oxidation catalytic converter (9) is included that is designed to clean the
7438615 Outboard drive for boats October 21, 2008
Outboard drive for boats, including a gear housing, an underwater housing connected rotatably to the gear housing, and a mounting element arranged between the gear housing and the underwater housing for mounting the drive in a boat hull with the gear housing on the inside and the und
7413492 Watercraft with engine housing August 19, 2008
A watercraft includes a hull, an engine, and a housing adapted to completely enclose the engine, the housing being adapted to be removably disposed in the hull.
7367854 Method of steering a boat with double outboard drives and boat having double outboard drives May 6, 2008
Boat with a hull with double engines which are controlled by a respective electronic engine control unit and are coupled to a respective outboard drive, which drives are driven by electric servomotors/electronic drive control units. The drive control units communicate with the engine
7332241 Cathode layer structure for a solid polymer fuel cell and fuel cell incorporating such structure February 19, 2008
A cathode layer structure for a solid polymer fuel cell is disclosed. It comprises a composite cathode layer (48) of catalyst (11), anion ion conducting polymer (12) and cation conducting polymer (14). The interface between the anion ion conducting polymer (12) and the cation conducting
7160638 Fuel cell system and method for generating electrical energy using a fuel cell system January 9, 2007
A fuel-cell system, particularly a fuel-cell system for a drive system of a motor vehicle, includes an autothermic reformer unit configured to generate hydrogen from a raw material. The hydrogen is used to operate a fuel-cell unit disposed downstream of the reformer unit. An oxidation
7045232 Fuel cell system and method for producing electric energy using a fuel cell system May 16, 2006
A fuel-cell system, particularly a drive system for a motor vehicle, includes an autothermal reformer unit for producing hydrogen from a raw material in order to operate a downstream fuel cell unit. An oxidation device for converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide is arranged be
7040940 Rotatable lifting surface device having selected pitch distribution and camber profile May 9, 2006
Rotatable lifting surface devices, such as propellers, impellers, and turbines, and blades for such devices use camber profiles and pitch distributions to obtain performance from flexible devices and blades, made from materials like polymers and polymer-composites and even metals, th
6981929 Vehicle differential January 3, 2006
Vehicle differential with a differential housing (5) consisting of two pressed sheet metal halves (6). Each sheet metal half is made with radial, gutter-shaped depressions, which are limited at their outer ends by wall portions (14). A differential pinion shaft (15) is received in th
6883309 Method and device for treatment of a gas flow April 26, 2005
Method and apparatus for treating a gas flow including guiding the gas flow through a gas treatment unit (18) adapted for filtering particles in the gas flow, and eliminating the particles in the gas treatment unit (18). Particles are filtered from the gas flow by means of accumulating t
6820587 Method for controlling a combustion process in a combustion engine November 23, 2004
Process which, by spray-controlled, directly injected combustion with the aid of step-by-step technical development of the whole of the combustion system, achieves an intensified mixing process during injection and after-burning, which speeds up soot oxidation during various stages so
6712036 Method of controlling the fuel injection in an internal combustion engine March 30, 2004
A method of controlling the fuel injection in an internal combustion engine (1) having a piston (3), which passes to and for in a cylinder (2) between an upper and a lower dead center, and an injection nozzle (4), which is disposed in the cylinder (2), the method including the steps wher
6672421 Motor vehicle arrangement January 6, 2004
A motor vehicle arrangement having a control device for controlling the vehicle. The control device is at least adjustable in the vertical direction. The control device has a parking position in which the vehicle cannot be driven and there is no operative connection for starting, acc
6618944 Load-carrying vehicle roof and method for its manufacture September 16, 2003
The invention relates to a load-bearing vehicle roof of so-called sandwich construction, wherein the material layer included in the vehicle roof comprises polymeric materials, laminate materials and/or metal layers. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method for manufacturing such a
6581551 Method of controlling the process of combustion in an internal combustion engine, and engine wit June 24, 2003
A four-stroke internal combustion engine includes variable geometric compression ratio, electrically operated inlet valves and a device for supplying a homogeneous fuel/air mixture to the engine cylinders. The inlet valves and the compression ratio are controlled by a control unit, s
6536407 Method of controlling the process of combustion in an internal combustion engine, and engine wit March 25, 2003
Four-stroke internal combustion engine with electrically operated inlet and exhaust valves (9,11) and means for supplying a homogeneous fuel/air mixture to the engine cylinders (1). The valves are controlled by a control unit (15), which, within a lower rpm range, closes the exhaust
6482508 Load-carrying vehicle structure of composite material and method for its moulding November 19, 2002
The invention relates to a load-bearing vehicle structure of composite material, and a method for moulding such a load-bearing vehicle structure. The invention concerns the fields of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites, sandwich structures and compression moulding. The load-bearing
6467828 Protective arrangement October 22, 2002
A protective arrangement for vehicles, comprising a luggage-compartment divider which, in the vehicle, can be pivoted into an active position so as to divide two spaces in the vehicle, or into an inactive position so as to form an opening between the spaces, and a coupling arrangement wh
6467470 Method and system for refuelling cold-start fuel tanks October 22, 2002
The present invention relates to a fuel system as well as a method for controlling the same. More specifically, it relates to a fuel system of motor vehicles adapted to be powered by alcohol-containing fuels, and specifically by alcohol-containing fuels and by petrol, so-called Flexible
6450579 Foldable seat for a vehicle September 17, 2002
A vehicle seat includes first and second elements for providing support for a person sitting in the vehicle seat. A link mechanism is arranged so as to interconnect the first and second elements in an articulated manner, so that the second element can be folded towards and away from the
6439197 Method of controlling the ignition in an internal combustion engine and engine with means for ca August 27, 2002
A method of adapting the ignition timing in an internal combustion engine to the crankshaft position depending on variations in engine rpm, load and overlap between the inlet and exhaust valves. The ratio between combusted and non-combusted gas in cylinders is computed, and this ratio is
6394526 Vehicle May 28, 2002
Vehicles are disclosed which include a driver's seat, a passenger seat adjacent to the driver's seat, a dashboard facing the driver's seat and the passenger seat, the dashboard including an upper edge which is the lower limit of the field of vision of the driver sitting in the driver's
6386184 Internal combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder and individual intake passages May 14, 2002
An internal combustion engine (1) which comprises at least one cylinder (3), at least two suction valves (4, 5) per cylinder (3), and individual suction channels (6, 7) of longer and shorter length for each cylinder (3). Each suction channel (6, 7) communicates with a suction valve (4, 5
6375334 Rear-view mirror for a vehicle April 23, 2002
A rear-view mirror for a vehicle, especially for lorries, includes a mirror housing in which at least one mirror glass is arranged and an upper arm, a first end of which is connected to the mirror housing and a second end of which is connected to a door of the vehicle. A lower arm, a fir
6367868 Box member for a vehicle April 9, 2002
A box-shaped beam for a vehicle, exemplarily a front lateral member (2), with a portion (6) oriented in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle. The portion (6) has, at a distance from a front end, stiffener plates (8) glued to opposite sides (9, 10) of the beam. The glue (11) is of a
6358626 Exterior autobody part of reinforced plastic, and arrangement and method for its forming March 19, 2002
An exterior autobody part of reinforced plastic intended to be mounted on a motor vehicle. The expression "exterior autobody part" refers to the autobody part being entirely or partly visible when the motor vehicle is viewed from the outside. Furthermore, the invention relates to a metho
6320500 Indicating device, specially in a vehicle November 20, 2001
An indicating device in a vehicle that supplies complementary information to the driver of the vehicle. The device is provided with at least one scale for displaying basic information on an index disc. The index disc includes indicators arranged in close connection with and in relation t
6302476 Front structure in a vehicle October 16, 2001
Front structure in a vehicle, comprising a pair of spaced longitudinal box-shaped lateral beams (2), to which explosive charges (10) are fixed. With the aid of retardation sensors (20), a control unit (21) and detonators (22), the explosive charges are triggered in a collision after
6273033 Internal combustion engine installation in a motor vehicle August 14, 2001
An internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle with a coolant system, includes a cab heater (23) and a cooling element (21) for cooling exhaust recirculating to the inlet side of the engine (1). The cooling element has a coolant outlet (26), which communicates with the coolant inlet (2
6264280 Safety-belt arrangement July 24, 2001
Safety belt devices are disclosed for vehicles comprising a seat belt, a retractor for retracting the seat belt, a seat belt guide for guiding the seat belt, a rotatable drum for displacing the seat belt guide between a normal operating condition and a tightened condition for the seat be
6250079 Turbo-charged internal combustion engine June 26, 2001
A turbo-charged internal combustion engine with a twin-entry exhaust turbine and with a valve arrangement (20) disposed in the turbine housing (11). By means of the valve arrangement (20) the exhaust channels (9, 10) in the turbine housing can be short-circuited. The valve arrangement al
6238536 Arrangement for analysis of exhaust gases May 29, 2001
Exhaust gas analyzers are disclosed for analyzing the exhaust gases from a combustion process including a sensor unit mounted for direct contact with the exhaust gases in which the sensor unit includes a number of sensors such as lambda sensors, NO.sub.x sensors, oxygen sensors, and resi
6237902 Shock absorber device for a vehicle wheel suspension May 29, 2001
Shock absorber device comprising a shock absorber combined with an air spring, which shock absorber device is arranged for active suspension/shock absorbing in a wheel suspension of a vehicle. The shock absorber is surrounded by the air spring, and in the annular interspace between t
6233936 Internal combustion engine with exhaust with gas recirculation May 22, 2001
Supercharged internal combustion engine with exhaust recirculation, in which the exhaust manifold of the engine communicates, via non-return valves and an exhaust conduit, with the inlet manifold of the engine. The non-return valves are arranged to only open when the exhaust pressure in
6224330 Fluid coupling May 1, 2001
In a fluid coupling including a casing enclosing an impeller and a turbine wheel which is rotatably mounted in the casing, the turbine wheel is formed on its face turned toward the casing with scrapers designed to scrape off impurities that have settled on the inner wall of the casing.
6202603 Internal combustion engine March 20, 2001
An internal combustion engine comprising a cylinder block (1) with at least two cylinders (8) and at least two exhaust valves (12) per cylinder (8), a slit (28) in the cylinder block (1) between each pair of cylinders (8), and a cooling system which comprises an inlet opening (36) for co
6189500 Internal combustion engine piston February 20, 2001
Piston for an internal combustion engine has a top ring land with a diameter differential of at least 0.3% of the major diameter to eliminate the risk of cylinder polishing.
6185938 Turbo-charged internal combustion engine February 13, 2001
A five-cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine has an exhaust manifold (6-10) connected to a turbine housing (13). Four exhaust manifold conduits (7, 8, 9, 10) lead in pairs to the inlets (11, 12) of a twin-entry turbine (14). The fifth exhaust manifold conduit (6) is drawn
6173977 Motor vehicle January 16, 2001
The invention relates to a motor vehicle comprising steerable front wheels supporting the vehicle and rear wheels supporting the vehicle, at least one rear wheel of which is coupled, by means of an at least substantially horizontal axle journal extending transversely to the longitudinal
6170874 Variable energy-absorbing steering column January 9, 2001
Apparatus and methods for protecting the occupant of a motor vehicle including a seat belt for restraining the occupant and a stress-bearing structure are disclosed. The apparatus includes a steering shaft, a steering column supporting the steering shaft, the steering column displace
6138969 Bracket mountable in an unoccupied switch socket in a vehicle dashboard for holding equipment su October 31, 2000
A bracket for installation of equipment on the dashboard of a vehicle includes at least one attachment member, a flat part for holding the equipment and a support member. The attachment member is located at one end of the bracket and the support member is located at another end of the
6135247 Wheel hub and brake disc arrangement for heavy vehicles October 24, 2000
A wheel hub and brake disc arrangement for a vehicle wheel includes a wheel hub with alternately following grooves and teeth with inclined flanks, and a brake disc, carried on the part of the wheel hub, having a concentric opening which is formed with corresponding teeth and grooves whic
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