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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5705031 Process for removing and washing dregs from green liquor in a kraft pulp mill January 6, 1998
5705032 Black liquor viscosity control January 6, 1998
5705542 Waste liquor derived from chemical thermal pulping of particle boards and fibreboards containing... January 6, 1998
5701829 Apparatus for recovering heat in a spent liquor recovery boiler December 30, 1997
5698109 Purification of aqueous liquor December 16, 1997
5686512 Process for manufacturing a surfactant from paper-making black liquor resin for exploitation of ... November 11, 1997
5683549 Process for the partial combustion of cellulose spent liquor using twin fluid nozzle burner November 4, 1997
5679217 Method and apparatus for optimizing the liquor-to-wood ratio during the production of paper pulp October 21, 1997
5667633 Method of producing white liquor streams of high and low sulphidity September 16, 1997
5662774 Adjusting the sulphur balance of a sulphate cellulose plant by heat treating black liquor in a l... September 2, 1997
5660685 Gasifying black liquor with recycling of generated hydrogen sulphide gas to the gasifier August 26, 1997
5660686 Cooking with spent liquor pretreatment of cellulose material August 26, 1997
5653947 Method of treating alumina trihydrate containing bauxite of low reactive silica content to form ... August 5, 1997
5645616 Black liquor gasifier July 8, 1997
5645726 Treatment of waste liquor in a vertical shaft bioreactor July 8, 1997
5643468 Method and apparatus for displacing liquor from a slurry of particulate solid material July 1, 1997
5637192 Endothermic spent liquor recovery process June 10, 1997
5637225 Method for fractionating sulphite cooking liquor June 10, 1997
5637287 Synthesis process for faujasite family zeolites using mother liquor recycle June 10, 1997
5634950 Black liquor gasifier June 3, 1997
5635024 Process for separating lignins and dissolved organic compounds from kraft spent liquor June 3, 1997
5635027 Method of reducing the viscosity of a black liquor June 3, 1997
5632858 Method for gasifying cellulosic waste liquor using an injector located within the bed of fluidiz... May 27, 1997
5628872 Method for bleaching pulp with hydrogen peroxide recovered from cellulosic spent liquor May 13, 1997
5628875 Method for clarifying green liquor by monitoring the calcium concentration in the spent liquor p... May 13, 1997
5624470 Black liquor gasification with integrated warm-up and purge April 29, 1997
5624545 Production of polysulphide by electrolysis of white liquor containing sulphide April 29, 1997
5618443 Clarification of green liquor by falling film cross-flow filtration April 8, 1997
5618511 Process for producing ammonium sulfate from flue-gas scrubber waste liquor April 8, 1997
5607548 Process for dividing the sulphide content of the green liquor for the production of white liquor... March 4, 1997
5607549 Method for the manufacture of cooking liquors of different sulphidity by green liquor crystalliz... March 4, 1997
5603803 Method and apparatus for recovering heat in a spent liquor recovery boiler February 18, 1997
5601648 Apparatus for applying treating liquor to a traveling textile web February 11, 1997
5597445 Method for recovering sodium from a spent cooking liquor January 28, 1997
5593855 Method of using yeast to recover phytin by precipitation from cornsteep liquor or light steep wa... January 14, 1997
5589032 Process for preparing a bleaching liquor containing percarboxylic acid and caro's acid December 31, 1996
5582683 Method for the recovery of chemical values from black liquor in multiple streams of different ch... December 10, 1996
5582684 Method of determining degree of reduction in a sulfate liquor using IR and UV spectroscopy December 10, 1996
5575890 Method for selectively increasing the sulfide ion concentration and sulfidity of kraft cooking l... November 19, 1996
5570584 Generator-Absorber heat exchange transfer apparatus and method using an intermediate liquor November 5, 1996
5556602 Device in a reactor for gasifying spent liquor September 17, 1996
5551354 Biased flow directional liquor nozzle September 3, 1996
5543117 System and method for heating and gasification of residual waste liquor August 6, 1996
5531906 Process for treatment of sodium hydroxide waste liquor containing aluminum July 2, 1996
5527427 High solids black liquor of reduced viscosity and viscosity reduction method for high solids bla... June 18, 1996
5509998 Method and apparatus for clarifying green liquor April 23, 1996
5510035 Method of separating sodium hydroxide from white liquor April 23, 1996
5500085 Method for producing fully oxidized white liquor March 19, 1996
5486342 Clear liquor scrubbing of sulfur dioxide with forced oxidation in flue gas desulfurization syste... January 23, 1996
5478440 Method and apparatus for improving the safety of a spent liquor recovery boiler December 26, 1995
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