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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4116759 Preparation of liquor for delignification or alkali treatment by autocaustization, and the prepa... September 26, 1978
4115079 Removing pollutants from aqueous liquor used to scrub fuel gasification product September 19, 1978
4111743 Method of recovering heat as well as fractions containing volatile alcohols and sulphur compound... September 5, 1978
4112061 Production of sodium sulfite utilizing mother liquor from the sodium metabisulfite process September 5, 1978
4108734 Process for the distillation of weak ammonia liquor August 22, 1978
4108735 Method for improved distillation of ammonia from weak ammonia liquor August 22, 1978
4104028 Method of titrating liquor August 1, 1978
4104365 Method of separating sulfuric acid from neutral sodium sulfate in spent chlorine dioxide generat... August 1, 1978
4094735 Method of pulping with sulfite liquor containing formic acid esters June 13, 1978
4093531 Apparatus for concentration and purification of a cell liquor in an electrolytic cell June 6, 1978
4089644 Method and apparatus for regulating the rate of dye adsorption by the number of dye liquor cycle... May 16, 1978
4089675 Combination beneficiation ilmenite digestion liquor reduction process May 16, 1978
4087253 Method of obtaining caustic soda from a sodium chloride liquor containing sulphate ions recovere... May 2, 1978
4085000 Method of recovering tall-oil soap from kraft black liquor April 18, 1978
4085015 Electrolysis cell liquor emission control process April 18, 1978
4083925 Method for removing ferrous iron from alkali metal aluminate liquor April 11, 1978
4083931 Process for treating aldol-condensation polyol waste liquor April 11, 1978
4076948 Process for treatment of adipic acid mother liquor February 28, 1978
4073728 Process for treating flushing liquor February 14, 1978
4073955 Apparatus and method for aging liquor February 14, 1978
4061531 Coke oven gas contact with liquor concentrate December 6, 1977
4061718 Method for the recovery of ammonia from liquor from the filters of ammonia-soda plants December 6, 1977
4060156 Liquor trunk November 29, 1977
4058433 Conversion of sulfur in blank liquor to eliminate odorous emissions and facilitate the collectio... November 15, 1977
4057473 Method of reducing cell liquor header corrosion November 8, 1977
4053352 Method for producing oxidized white liquor October 11, 1977
4050484 Liquor-floating device September 27, 1977
4049489 Method of producing pulp and burning waste liquor obtained thereby September 20, 1977
4049787 Process for separating sulphur in the form of hydrogen sulphide from clarified green liquor obta... September 20, 1977
4047405 Apparatus for applying dye liquor to knit/deknit tubular rolls September 13, 1977
4046683 Process for separating suspended metal oxide and metal hydroxide solids from a mother liquor September 6, 1977
4045324 Cell liquor emission control August 30, 1977
4042674 Process for treating the mother liquor by cooling in the production of anhydrous sodium dithioni... August 16, 1977
4042675 Process for treating the mother liquor by pH adjusting in the production of anhydrous sodium dit... August 16, 1977
D245421 Liquor dispenser August 16, 1977
4036038 Apparatus for low liquor ratio wet processing of textile fabric July 19, 1977
4036680 Delignification of lignocellulosic material with a soda pulping liquor containing a Diels Alder ... July 19, 1977
4036681 Delignification of lignocellulosic material with an alkaline pulping liquor containing a Diels A... July 19, 1977
4036717 Method for concentration and purification of a cell liquor in an electrolytic cell July 19, 1977
4035228 Recovery process and apparatus for alkali metal-containing waste liquor July 12, 1977
4033483 Remote liquor dispensing system July 5, 1977
4029543 Mechanically freeing wood fibers in the presence of spent peroxide bleaching liquor June 14, 1977
4022653 Process for separating soap from black liquor May 10, 1977
4017396 Centrifugal filtration tube for removal of the mother liquor from the crystals in the purificati... April 12, 1977
4012280 Delignification of lignocellulosic material with an alkaline liquor in the presence of a cyclic ... March 15, 1977
4009706 Synthetic organic flocculants to clarify raw sugar liquor March 1, 1977
4010066 Method for improving heat economy in the batchwise digestion of lignocellulosic material by adju... March 1, 1977
4010142 Purification of acrylamide via crystallization with centrifugal liquor separation March 1, 1977
4008342 Wood treatment with ammoniacal liquor and carbon dioxide February 15, 1977
4007004 Dyestuff filler derived from kraft black liquor February 8, 1977
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