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Protection of insect pheromones from degradation by ultraviolet radiation
T998012 Protection of insect pheromones from degradation by ultraviolet radiation
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Inventor: Bruce, et al.
Date Issued: September 2, 1980
Application: 06/124,011
Filed: February 25, 1980
Inventors: Bruce; William A. (Savannah, GA)
Bry; Roy E. (Savannah, GA)
Davis; Robert (Savannah, GA)
Lum; Patrick T. M. (Savannah, GA)
Su; Helen C. F. (Savannah, GA)
Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of (Washington, DC)
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U.S. Class: 1/1
Field Of Search:
International Class: A01N 25/22
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Abstract: A substituted benzene compound of the following formula was found to protect an insect pheromone against ultraviolet (UV) radiation degradation ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is H or alkoxy group of 1 to 2 carbon atoms, R.sub.2 is H or phenyl group, R.sub.3 is H, CN, or methylcarboxy group, R.sub.4 is alkyl group of 1 to 2 carbon atoms of straight chain or 2 to 6 carbon atoms with .beta.-substitution of alkyl or alkoxy group of 1 to 2 carbon atoms or .alpha.- and .beta.-OH substitutions. The UV absorbing compounds of the preceding formula significantly extended the biological activity and quality of the pheromone while at the same time remaining nontoxic to the insect and nondestructive of the environment.
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