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Nondiffusive compounds comprised of a sensitizing dye moiety and an image dye moiety joined by a radiation cleavable linkage
T998006 Nondiffusive compounds comprised of a sensitizing dye moiety and an image dye moiety joined by a radiation cleavable linkage
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Inventor: Mee
Date Issued: September 2, 1980
Application: 06/064,693
Filed: August 8, 1979
Inventors: Mee; John D. (Rochester, NY)
Assignee: Eastman Kodak Company (Rochester, NY)
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U.S. Class: 534/605; 534/649
Field Of Search:
International Class: G03C 1/73
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Abstract: Radiation-cleavable nondiffusible compounds for providing a transfer dye image are comprised of a spectral sensitizing dye moiety and a diffusible image dye moiety joined by a linkage in the spectral sensitizing dye moiety which is cleaved upon absorption of radiation by the spectral sensitizing dye moiety, thereby releasing a diffusible image dye. Such compounds are useful in radiation-sensitive elements and processes to provide dye images. Preferred compounds have the formula ##STR1## where: Q represents the atoms to complete a pyridine or quinoline ring;SENS is attached to the 2 or 4 position of the pyridine or quinoline ring and represents the atoms which, in conjunction with N, complete a spectral sensitizing dye;ALK represents an alkylene moiety of 1 to 8 carbon atoms;DYE represents a diffusible photographic dye or dye precursor moiety; andX.sup..crclbar. represents an anion, if necessary to provide charge neutrality.
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