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Recording materials
T996002 Recording materials
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Inventor: Kwok
Date Issued: July 1, 1980
Application: 06/087,566
Filed: October 23, 1979
Inventors: Kwok; John C. (Sarnia, CA)
Assignee: Bexford Limited (London, GB2)
Primary Examiner:
Assistant Examiner:
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U.S. Class: 430/152; 430/176; 430/177; 430/290; 430/633; 430/636; 430/637; 430/638
Field Of Search:
International Class: G03C 5/60
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Abstract: Vesicular recording materials are described which include a sensitized layer comprising a polyeric vehicle for the sensitizing agent which is an acrylonitrile/substituted or unsubstituted styrene copolymer with at least 55 mole % of acrylonitrile and preferably less than 85 mole %. The copolymer is usually homogeneous and preferably derived from acrylonitrile and the styrene comonomer along and most preferably contains from 65 to 82 mole % of acrylonitrile. The copolymer is softenable on heating to permit the gas released by the sensitizing agent in the light struck areas to form light-scattering or reflecting vesicles therein.A surfactant in an amount of at least 1% by weight, based on the weight of the copolymer, is essential to vesiculation and anionic surfactants are especially effective in providing a wide tonal range and good speed rating, amounts up to 20% by weight being preferred. Generally, amounts of the surfactant in the range 2 to 5% by weight provide a satisfactory combination of vasiculating properties. The sensitized layer is preferably applied as a coating to a carrier sheet support such as a polythylene terephthalate film. These recording materials have excellent vesiculating properties, particularly tonal range and speed rating.
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