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Method of removal of boron from aqueous solutions
T995006 Method of removal of boron from aqueous solutions
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Inventor: Farmer, et al.
Date Issued: June 3, 1980
Application: 06/064,328
Filed: August 6, 1979
Inventors: Farmer; John B. (Chessington, GB2)
Kydd; John A. (Surbiton, GB2)
Assignee: United States Borax Chemical Corporation (Los Angeles, CA)
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U.S. Class: 23/301; 423/279
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Abstract: Boron is removed from aqueous solutions by heating the solution to C. and adding a calcium compound such as lime to form a precipitate of calcium borate which is separated such as by filtration. Improved results are obtained by using other calcium salts such as calcium chloride in combination with lime. For solutions initially containing less than 100 ppm boron, calcium borate seed crystals are introduced.
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