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Azo dyes, azo dye-releasing compounds and photographic products and processes employing them
T994003 Azo dyes, azo dye-releasing compounds and photographic products and processes employing them
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Inventor: Kilminster
Date Issued: May 6, 1980
Application: 06/077,876
Filed: September 21, 1979
Inventors: Kilminster; Kenneth N. (London, GB2)
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U.S. Class: 430/242; 430/390; 430/562; 534/843; 534/863
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Abstract: Photographic elements, diffusion transfer assemblages and processes are described which employ a novel nondiffusible compound having a novel releasable azo dye. The dyes are azophenols, or precursors of azophenols, and have an electron withdrawing group in one of the positions ortho to the phenolic hydroxy group and a carbamoyl electron withdrawing group in the other position ortho to the phenolic hydroxy group.
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