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Free body automatic laundry additive dispenser
T993001 Free body automatic laundry additive dispenser
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Inventor: McCarthy
Date Issued: April 1, 1980
Application: 06/054,514
Filed: July 3, 1979
Inventors: McCarthy; Robert F. (Cincinnati, OH)
Assignee: The Proctor & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, OH)
Primary Examiner:
Assistant Examiner:
Attorney Or Agent:
U.S. Class: 222/463; 222/500; 68/17R; 68/207
Field Of Search:
International Class: D06F 39/02
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Abstract: A dual-acting free body automatic dispenser for dispensing laundry additives into automatic washing machines. The dispenser comprises an assemblage of three major elements: a hollow, spherical container provided with an orifice; a resilient valve seated within the orifice and a rigid stempiece extending axially through the valve. The valve is positioned on the stempiece such that when seated a portion of the stempiece protrudes outwardly beyond the exterior of the container. A mass is attached to the interiorly extending end of the stempiece.The consumer operates the dispenser by filling it with laundry additive, manually seating the valve and placing the dispenser in the washing machine's basket. The dispenser is triggered during the first spin cycle. If the dispenser is oriented with the protruding portion of the stempiece in contact with the basket, centrifugal force causes the container to be forced outwardly relative to the stempiece, thereby unseating the valve. If the dispenser is oriented in any other position, centrifugal force acts on the mass attached to the stempiece and the moment of forces thereby effected unseats the valve. After the spin cycle, the dispenser falls from the wall and rinse water floods the dispenser, mixing with the additive.
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