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Adjustable recline-control mechanism for furniture and furniture comprising the mechanism
T103201 Adjustable recline-control mechanism for furniture and furniture comprising the mechanism
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Inventor: Robinson
Date Issued: July 5, 1983
Application: 06/328,391
Filed: December 7, 1981
Inventors: Robinson; James D. (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, GB2)
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U.S. Class: 297/367; 297/369; 297/371
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Abstract: An adjustable recline-control mechanism for furniture of the type comprising a carrier for an occupant, e.g. a seat-pan and a support e.g. a back-rest, reclinable relative to the carrier wherein the angle of recline is controlled by the mechanism which comprises a link one end of which is pivotally connected to the support while the other end is latchable by at least two co-operating latching portions which respectively prevent travel of the link in opposite directions, the respective latching portions being spaced apart relative to the pivot axis of the link such that a jolt to the front or back of the support exerts on the link a moment which biasses the link towards latching irrespective of the direction of the jolt. Each latching portion suitably comprises a fixed toothed array and a cooperable displaceable tooth array, at least one tooth in each array comprising a thrust face and the teeth being arranged so that projections normal to a thrust face in each of the latching portions pass respectively on opposite sides of the pivot axis of the link. The mechanism is suitably incorporated into furniture, especially a motor vehicle seat, and is of utility in household and garden furniture.
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