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Process and apparatus for forming elongate glass fiber reinforced products
T101401 Process and apparatus for forming elongate glass fiber reinforced products
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Inventor: Zion
Date Issued: January 5, 1982
Application: 06/174,097
Filed: July 31, 1980
Inventors: Zion; Earl M. (Newark, OH)
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U.S. Class: 156/166; 156/180; 156/244.12; 156/433; 156/441; 264/137; 264/148; 425/224; 425/289; 425/378.1; 425/505; 425/510
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Abstract: The process and apparatus for continuously forming glass fiber reinforced products employs a preform produced by drawing continuous glass fibers through a resin bath and stripping die. This preform is then compressed during passage through an elongate molding zone. The molding zone is formed of two, articulated die cavity-containing tracks, the individual mold components of which join at the threshold of the zone to form an elongate, moving compression stage. This stage may be heated to carry out curing of the product during compression thereof.
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