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Process for casting polyurethane articles
T101303 Process for casting polyurethane articles
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Inventor: O'Shaughnessy
Date Issued: December 1, 1981
Application: 06/239,187
Filed: March 2, 1981
Inventors: O'Shaughnessy; Francis (Beaumont, TX)
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U.S. Class: 264/102; 264/28; 264/331.19; 528/44
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Abstract: A mixture of isocyanate-terminated polyurethane prepolymer made from an aliphatic diisocyanate and an approximately stoichiometric amount of a curing aromatic diamine is stored at least to C. until needed. It then is reheated to about C., at which temperature it becomes fluid and pourable. Within this temperature range the mixture has a useful life of at least about 30 minutes. Large batches of prepolymer-curing agent mixture can be prepared using existing processing equipment and techniques, analyzed and stored, then reheated and used for casting of very large articles.
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