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African violet named Arctic Star
PP6250 African violet named Arctic Star
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Inventor: Yoshida
Date Issued: August 16, 1988
Application: 06/911,639
Filed: September 24, 1986
Inventors: Yoshida; Eiichi (Hayward, CA)
Primary Examiner: Bagwill; Robert E.
Assistant Examiner:
Attorney Or Agent:
U.S. Class: PLT/270
Field Of Search: Plt/69
International Class:
U.S Patent Documents:
Foreign Patent Documents:
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Abstract: A new variety of African violets that have been bred from a hybrid formed by crossing Saintpaulia ionantha, the traditional florists' African violet with the high altitude species, Saintpaulia schumensis. The high cost of energy in northern latitudes and the relatively high temperatures required by Saintpaulia ionantha, which grows naturally at the foot of Mount Usamabara in East Africa, have made commercial growing of the violet expensive. By bringing in genes from Saintpaulia schumensis which grows at some 7,000 feet on the same mountain, where temperatures can fall as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit, a new avenue of growth is opened up for this popular plant.
Claim: I claim:

1. An African violet plant as shown and described.

To obtain this new variety of African violet plant, the inventor cross-pollenated the seed parent S. `Optimara Nevada` and the pollen parent S. schumensis.times.S.`Optimara Georgia`. The seed pods of the pollenated plants were used as thegeneric basis for initiating further experimental series. Approximately 25 seedlings were selected by very rigid standards for further propagation. Propagation of these plants and refinement out of limited selected plants continued and tests wereconducted for the development of permanent characteristics of disease resistance and vigorous growth.


Sheet one is a full color photographic view of the plant in bloom; the colors shown being as nearly true as it is reasonably possible to obtain by conventional photographic procedures.

The following is a detailed description of my newAfrican violet plant with the color designation being accorded to the R.H.S. Colour Chart published by The Royal Horticultural Society of London, England, with collaboration by the British Colour council.



Name.--Arctic Star.

Botanical classification.--Saintpaulia ionantha.

Commercial classification.--African violet.


Seed parent.--S. `Optimara Nevada`.

Pollen parent.--S. schumensis.times.S. `Optimara Georgia`.

Form.--Rosette arrangement.

Height.--6-10 cm.

Growth.--Moderate, petioles at first upright, becoming horizontal with age.

Size.--Medium, to 25 cm in diameter.

Mutation prone.--Some variation occurs in the relative amount of red and white pigment in the petals.


Shape.--Ovate, margins slightly crenate.

Length.--5-6 cm on mature leaves.

Width.--c. 5 cm on mature leaves.

Color.--Upperside: Medium green. Underside: Reddish.

Texture.--Upperside: Moderately hairy. Underside: Hairy.

Ribs and veins.--Pronounced, pinnate, greenish below.

Petiole.--Flattened above, moderately hairy, reddish green at first, becoming paler with age.


Blooming habit.--Continuous and abundant under optimal growing conditions.

Number.--3-10 per peduncle.

Size.--4-5 cm in diameter.

Color.--Central parts White (RHS 15C). Edges of petals Reddish-Purple (RHS 74A).

Type.--Single, violet-like.

Petals.--5, occasionally with an extra petaloid, bicolored.

Texture.--Smooth, slightly flexible.

Appearance.--Upperside smooth, lower side slightly pubescent.

Peduncles.--6-7 cm in height, moderately hairy, reddish green.

Inflorescence.--Cyme, upright, above the foliage.

Calyx.--Quinquepartite, reddish-green, moderately hairy.

Persistence.--Flowers do not drop.


Reproductive organs:

Stamens.--Two. Anthers: Bright yellow, two per filament. Filaments: c. 0.5 cm in length. Pollen: Light yellow.

Pistils.--One. Stigma: Visible and accessible, becoming swollen when receptive and exuding a droplet of clear liquid. Style: c. 0.5 cm in length. Ovary: Superior.

Other characteristics: This variety will grow at lower temperatures than most commercially available hybrids because of its Saintpaulia schumensis parentage.

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