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Sedum plant named `Mr. Goodbud`
PP17671 Sedum plant named `Mr. Goodbud`
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Inventor: Gossett
Date Issued: May 1, 2007
Application: 11/152,489
Filed: June 13, 2005
Inventors: Gossett; Gary J. (Portland, OR)
Assignee: Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. (Canby, OR)
Primary Examiner: Haas; Wendy
Assistant Examiner:
Attorney Or Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP
U.S. Class: PLT/263
Field Of Search: PLT/263
International Class: A01H 5/00
U.S Patent Documents: PP16350
Foreign Patent Documents:
Other References: 3. cited by examiner.

Abstract: A new and distinct hybrid of Sedum plant characterized by red tinted stems and foliage, a compact, upright habit, large red purple and mauve flowers, and prominent white flower buds.
Claim: I claim:

1. A new and distinct hybrid of Sedum plant as herein illustrated and described.
Description: Botanical denomination: Sedum hybrid (S.spectabile `Brilliant`.times.S. telephium).

Variety designation: `Mr. Goodbud`.

The present invention relates to a new and distinct cultivar of Sedum hybrid and given the cultivar name of `Mr. Goodbud`. Sedum is in the family Crassulaceae. Sedum `Mr. Goodbud` originated from an open pollinated cross between Sedumspectabile `Brilliant` as the seed parent (unpatented) and an unnamed plant of Sedum telephium as the pollen parent (unpatented).

This new and unique Sedum is distinguished by: 1. Large red purple and mauve flowers. 2. Prominent, almost white flower buds. 3. Red tinted stems and foliage. 4. Upright, compact growth habit. 5. Short stature.

This new cultivar has been reproduced only by asexual propagation (division and tissue culture). Each of the progeny exhibits identical characteristics to the original plant. Asexual propagation by division and tissue culture using standardmicropropagation techniques with terminal and lateral shoots, as done in Canby, Oreg., shows that the foregoing characteristics and distinctions come true to form and are established and transmitted through succeeding propagations. The present inventionhas not been evaluated under all possible environmental conditions. The phenotype may vary with variations in environment without a change in the genotype of the plant.


The photograph shows Sedum `Mr. Goodbud` growing in the ground in August in the trial fields in Canby, Oreg.


The following is a detailed description of the new Sedum hybrid based on observations of one and a half year old specimen in September grown in the ground in full sun under typical outdoor conditions in the trial fields in Canby, Oreg. Canby isZone 8 on the USDA Hardiness map. Temperatures range from a high of 95 degrees F. in August to an average of 32 degrees F. in January. Normal rainfall in Canby is 42.8 inches per year. The color descriptions are all based on The Royal HorticulturalSociety Colour Chart. Botanical classification: Sedum hybrid (S. spectabile `Brilliant`.times.S. telephium). Variety denomination: `Mr. Goodbud`. Plant: Type.--Herbaceous perennial. Hardiness.--USDA Zone 4 to 9. Size.--34 cm tall from the ground tothe top of the foliage and 45 cm wide. Habit.--Compact, bushy. Vigor.--Excellent. Root description.--Multiple fleshy roots from each crown, Greyed Yellow 161C, grows to 5 mm wide and 20 cm long in clay loam soil. Stem: Height.--66 cm. Width.--13 mmat base. Color.--Varies from Yellow Green 146B in the shaded areas and Greyed Purple 183C in the sun. Texture.--Succulent. Surface.--Glaucous. Leaf: Type.--Simple. Arrangement.--Opposite. Shape.--Elliptic. Venation.--Pinnate. Margins.--Coarselyand irregularly serrate. Apex.--Broadly acute. Base.--Cuneate. Blade size.--Grows to 13 cm long and 4.5 cm. wide. Surface.--Glaucous. Texture.--Thick, spongy, succulent. Petiole.--Leaves sessile. Leaf color.--Topside -- Blue green (between YellowGreen147A and Greyed Green 147A) tinged on sun side with maroon (Greyed Purple 187B). The color is variable depending on light and stress conditions. Leaves are darkest in full sun and low water. Bottom side -- Between Yellow Green147B and GreyedGreen 147A. Inflorescence: Type.--Terminal, corymbose, umbel-like. Size.--28 cm wide and 14 cm deep. Number of flowers.--Up to 900 per main stem. Peduncle.--Height -- 20 cm. Diameter -- 4 mm. Color -- Varies from Yellow Green 146B in the shadedareas and Greyed Purple 183C in the sun. Texture -- Succulent. Surface -- Glaucous. Branching.--Up to 6 main branches on one stem. Bloom period.--Late August through September in Canby, Oreg. Flower bud: Size.--2.5 mm wide, 6 mm deep. Description.--Ovoid. Color.--White 155A. Flower: Type.--Complete, actinomorphic. Shape.--Stellate. Size.--9 mm deep and 15 mm wide. Petal count.--5. Petal color.--Mauve, between Greyed Purple 186C and Red Purple 72B. Petal shape.--Lorate,reflexed. Petal size.--8 mm long, 1.5 mm wide. Calyx.--Divided 4/5ths of the way to the base, campanulate, 3 mm deep and 2.5 mm wide. Calyx color.--Yellow Green 147B. Sepal number.--5 lobes. Stamen number.--5. Carpel.--Prominent, 5 separate. Pistil size.--6 mm deep and 1 mm wide. Pistil color.--Greyed Purple 186A to C. Stamens.--10, Greyed Purple 186B. Pollen color.--No pollen, male sterile. Fragrance.--None. Lastingness.--Each corymb lasts about five weeks. Fruit: Type.--Ventrallydehiscent follicle, erect. Fertility.--Sterile. Color.--Brown 200A. Seed: No seed made. Pests and diseases: Sedum are susceptible to mealy bugs, scale insects, slugs and snails. No problems have been noted for this variety. All Sedum will developroot rot in wet conditions.


Compared to the seed parent, Sedum spectabile `Brilliant`, Sedum `Mr. Goodbud` has darker foliage and stem and smaller inflorescences with duller pink flowers. They have similar habits. Sedum `Mr. Goodbud` has strong stems that do not flop overafter it blooms.

Compared to Sedum `Ruby Glow`, an unpatented plant, Sedum `Mr. Goodbud` has a more upright habit and has noticeable, white, flower buds.

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