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Fittonia plant named `Red Angel`
PP17271 Fittonia plant named `Red Angel`
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Inventor: Schoenmakers
Date Issued: December 12, 2006
Application: 11/172,360
Filed: June 30, 2005
Inventors: Schoenmakers; Kees (Haaren, NL)
Assignee: Schoenmakers Tropische Potcultures (Haaren, NL)
Primary Examiner: Haas; Wendy
Assistant Examiner:
Attorney Or Agent:
U.S. Class: PLT/373
Field Of Search: PLT/373
International Class: A01H 5/00
U.S Patent Documents: PP4516; PP4602
Foreign Patent Documents:
Other References: UPOV ROM GTITM Computer Database, GTI Jouve Retrieval Software 2005/05 Citations for `Red Angel`. cited by examiner.

Abstract: A new cultivar of Fittonia plant named `Red Angel` that is characterized by small green leaves with red veins.
Claim: It is claimed:

1. A new and distinct variety of Fittonia plant named `Red Angel` as described and illustrated.
Description: Botanicalclassification: Fittonia verschaffeltii.

Variety denomination: `Red Angel`.


The present invention relates to a new and distinct cultivar of Fittonia plant botanically known as Fittonia verschaffeltii and hereinafter referred to by the cultivar name `Red Angel`.

The new cultivar was discovered by the inventor in a cultivated area of Haaren, The Netherlands in 2002. `Red Angel` was discovered as a naturally occurring whole plant mutation of Fittonia verschaffeltii `Red` (not patented).

Asexual reproduction by terminal cuttings of the new cultivar `Red Angel` was first done in 2002 in Haaren, The Netherlands. Since that time, under careful observation, the unique characteristics of the new cultivar have been uniform, stable andreproduced true to type in successive generations of asexual reproduction.


The following represent the distinguishing characteristics of the new Fittonia cultivar `Red Angel`. 1. Fittonia `Red Angel` exhibits small leaves. 2. Fittonia `Red Angel` exhibits green leaves with red veins.

The closest comparison cultivar is the parent plant Fittonia `Red`. The new cultivar `Red Angel` is distinguishable from `Red` by the following characteristics: 1. `Red Angel` has a more compact habit. 2. `Red Angel` has stronger stempubescence.


The accompanying photograph illustrates the distinguishing traits of Fittonia `Red Angel`. The plant in the photograph shows an overall view of a 12 week old plant. The photograph was taken using conventional techniques and although colors mayappear different from actual colors due to light reflectance it is as accurate as possible by conventional photographic techniques.


The following is a detailed description of the new Fittonia cultivar named `Red Angel`. Data was collected in Haaren, The Netherlands from 12 week old greenhouse grown plants in 8.5 cm. containers. The time of year was Spring and the averagetemperature was 24 degrees Centigrade during the day and 22 degrees Centigrade at night. No photoperiodic treatments were used. Color determinations are in accordance with The Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart 2001 edition, except where generalcolor terms of ordinary dictionary significance are used. The growing requirements are similar to the species. `Red Angel` has not been tested under all possible conditions and phenotypic differences may be observed with variations in environmental,climatic, and cultural conditions, however, without any variance in genotype. Botanical classification: Fittonia verschaffeltii `Red Angel`. Use: Ornamental. Parentage: `Red Angel` is a naturally occurring whole plant mutation of Fittonia `Red`. Vigor: Moderate. Growth rate: Moderate. Growth habit: Broad spreading, upright. Plant shape: Flattened globular. Suitable container size: 8.5 cm. diameter container. Height: Average 6.4 cm. Width: Average 10.3 cm. Hardiness: USDA Zone 10. Propagation: Terminal cuttings. Time to initiate roots: Approximately 21 days to produce roots on an initial cutting at 24 degrees Centigrade. Time to produce a rooted cutting: Approximately 35 days to produce a rooted cutting at 24 degrees Centigrade. Crop time: 12 weeks. Root system: Fine and fibrous. Stem: Branching habit.--Freely branching. Average number of lateral branches.--3. Pinching.--Not needed. Lateral branch diameter.--2.5 mm. in diameter. Lateral branch length.--3.7 cm. in length. Lateral branch strength.--Moderate. Stem color.--166A. Pubescence.--Dense, length 1.5 mm, color N155A. Internode length.--1.7 cm. between nodes. Internode color.--144B. Shape.--Rounded, dull. Surface.--Dull. Stem strength.--Moderate. Foliage:Leaf arrangement.--Opposite. Compound or single.--Single. Leaf shape.--Elliptic, slightly curved. Leaf apex.--Rounded to bluntly acute. Leaf base.--Attenuate. Leaf texture.--Glabrous, slightly rugose, prominent venation. Leaf length.--Average 4.4cm. in length. Leaf width.--2.1 mm. in width. Quantity of leaves per lateral branch.--Average 6. Pubescence.--Short hairs on margins, 0.5 mm. in length, N155A. Leaf margin.--Entire and slightly repand. Vein pattern.--Pinnate. Young leaf color,(upper surface).--139A. Young leaf color, (lower surface).--147B. Mature leaf color, (upper surface).--139A. Mature leaf color, (lower surface).--Between 138A and 147B. Vein color (upper surface).--51A, lighter towards base 49C to 49D. Vein color(lower surface).--147B to 147C, slightly tinted red towards the leaf margins. Leaf attachment.--Petiolate. Petiole dimensions.--Average 1.5 cm. in length, 2 mm. in diameter, 1.5 mm. in height. Petiole color (upper surface).--177A to 177B. Petiolecolor (lower surface).--147B to 147C, slightly reddish towards base, 178B to 178C. Durability of foliage to stress.--High. Flowers: Flowers have not been observed. Disease and insect resistance: Plants of the new Fittonia have not been observed fordisease or insect resistance.

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