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Anti-VEGFR-3 antibody compositions
8481034 Anti-VEGFR-3 antibody compositions
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Inventor: Pytowski, et al.
Date Issued: July 9, 2013
Primary Examiner: Li; Ruixiang
Assistant Examiner:
Attorney Or Agent: Woods; Nicole S.Hason; Averie K.
U.S. Class: 424/143.1; 530/388.1
Field Of Search:
International Class: A61K 39/395; C07K 16/18
U.S Patent Documents:
Foreign Patent Documents: 02/060950
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Abstract: The present invention provides anti-VEGFR-3 monoclonal antibodies, pharmaceutical compositions containing said antibodies and uses of said antibodies in the treatment of disease.
Claim: We claim:

1. An antibody or fragment thereof that binds to human VEGFR-3 comprising a LCDR1 of SEQ ID NO: 1, a LCDR2 of SEQ ID NO: 2, a LCDR3 of SEQ ID NO: 3, a HCDR1 of SEQ ID NO:6, a HCDR2 ofSEQ ID NO: 7 and a HCDR3 of SEQ ID NO: 8.

2. The antibody or fragment thereof of claim 1, comprising a light chain variable region of SEQ ID NO: 5 and a heavy chain variable region of SEQ ID NO: 10.

3. The antibody or fragment thereof of claim 2, wherein the antibody comprises a light chain of SEQ ID NO: 15 and a heavy chain of SEQ ID NO: 16.

4. The antibody or fragment thereof of claim 3, wherein the antibody comprises two light chains of SEQ ID NO: 15 and two heavy chains of SEQ ID NO: 16.

5. A pharmaceutical composition comprising the antibody or fragment thereof of claim 4 together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, diluent or excipient.

6. A pharmaceutical composition of claim 5 comprising an additional pharmaceutical agent, wherein the agent is cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil, leucovorin, oxaliplatin or docetaxel.
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