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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43402 Adaptive adjustment of time and frequency domain equalizers in communications systems May. 22, 2012
RE43401 Semiconductor device May. 22, 2012
RE43400 Laser segmented cutting, multi-step cutting, or both May. 22, 2012
RE43399 Electrode systems for electrochemical sensors May. 22, 2012
RE43398 Methods and apparatus to generate liquid ambulatory oxygen from an oxygen concentrator May. 22, 2012
RE43397 Weightlifting rack May. 22, 2012
RE43396 Multimedia system controller tray May. 22, 2012
RE43395 Protective gear for a limb May. 22, 2012
RE43394 Apparatus for connecting TV and computer May. 15, 2012
RE43393 Method and system for creating and programming an adaptive computing engine May. 15, 2012
RE43392 Capability spoofing using a local proxy server May. 15, 2012
RE43391 Database program with automatic creation of user features May. 15, 2012
RE43390 Pleuromutilin derivatives as antimicrobials May. 15, 2012
RE43389 Vessel for blood sampling May. 15, 2012
RE43388 Silver-free low-E solar control coating May. 15, 2012
RE43387 Anchored oxide coatings on hard metal cutting tools May. 15, 2012
RE43386 Communication management system for network-based telephones May. 15, 2012
RE43385 Communication method May. 15, 2012
RE43384 Radio communication system with multiple and simultaneous encoding technique May. 15, 2012
RE43383 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method,... May. 15, 2012
RE43382 Method of addressing messages and communications systems May. 15, 2012
RE43381 Compactor wheel axle guard system May. 15, 2012
RE43380 Semiconductor device including semiconductor element surrounded by an insulating member and wiri... May. 15, 2012
RE43379 Music selecting apparatus and method May. 15, 2012
RE43378 Mapping of programmable logic devices May. 8, 2012
RE43377 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method May. 8, 2012
RE43376 Apparatus for restoring network information for home network system and method thereof May. 8, 2012
RE43375 System and method for communications in a distributed computing environment May. 8, 2012
RE43374 Apparatus and method for bioelectric stimulation, healing acceleration and pain relief May. 8, 2012
RE43373 Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof May. 8, 2012
RE43372 C16 unsaturated FP-selective prostaglandins analogs May. 8, 2012
RE43371 Use of selected cyclosporins for the treatment of hepatitis C infection May. 8, 2012
RE43370 Communication device with two modes of operation May. 8, 2012
RE43369 Mobile communication system enabling efficient use of small-zone base stations May. 8, 2012
RE43368 Methods and system for remote access to and payment for products delivered from automated appara... May. 8, 2012
RE43367 Power-based hardware diversity May. 8, 2012
RE43366 Jack including crosstalk compensation for printed circuit board May. 8, 2012
RE43365 Apparatus for chemical amplification based on fluid partitioning in an immiscible liquid May. 8, 2012
RE43364 Method and apparatus using a scanned image for marking bracket locations May. 8, 2012
RE43363 Abrasion resistant pump thrust bearing May. 8, 2012
RE43362 Privacy-enhanced display device May. 8, 2012
RE43361 Telecommunications system having separate switch intelligence and switch fabric May. 8, 2012
RE43360 Enhancing image quality in an image system May. 8, 2012
RE43359 System and method for low power searching in content addressable memories using sampling search ... May. 8, 2012
RE43358 Data reading apparatus May. 8, 2012
RE43357 Color interpolator and horizontal/vertical edge enhancer using two line buffer and alternating e... May. 8, 2012
RE43356 System for determining position of mobile communication terminal and method thereof May. 8, 2012
RE43355 Multi-frequency identification device May. 8, 2012
RE43354 Driving circuit electroluminescence cell May. 8, 2012
RE43353 Divided airbag system May. 8, 2012

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