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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43704 Determining and provisioning paths within a network of communication elements Oct. 2, 2012
RE43703 Transmission system for OFDM-signals with optimized synchronization Oct. 2, 2012
RE43702 Microscope with heightened resolution and linear scanning Oct. 2, 2012
RE43701 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same having particular data signal transmis... Oct. 2, 2012
RE43700 Virtual reality camera Oct. 2, 2012
RE43699 Reconfigurable scanner and RFID system using the scanner Oct. 2, 2012
RE43698 Control system for doubly fed induction generator Oct. 2, 2012
RE43697 Drilling quick connectors Oct. 2, 2012
RE43696 Adjustable mounting bracket for flat panel display Oct. 2, 2012
RE43695 Level wind mechanism Oct. 2, 2012
RE43694 Stamping tool, casting mold and methods for structuring a surface of a work piece Oct. 2, 2012
RE43693 Coupling arrangement Oct. 2, 2012
RE43692 Method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade root Oct. 2, 2012
RE43691 C1 inhibitor with short half-life transient treatment Sep. 25, 2012
RE43690 Search engine request method, product, and apparatus Sep. 25, 2012
RE43689 System and method for registering attendance of entities associated with content creation Sep. 25, 2012
RE43688 Compositions and methods related to serotonin 5-HT1A receptors Sep. 25, 2012
RE43687 Image forming method and system with a finishing capability Sep. 25, 2012
RE43686 Picture encoding method, picture encoding apparatus and picture recording medium Sep. 25, 2012
RE43685 Apparatus and method for measurement for dynamic laser signals Sep. 25, 2012
RE43684 Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same having particular data signal transmis... Sep. 25, 2012
RE43683 Wireless communication device and method for discs Sep. 25, 2012
RE43682 Pressure-adjustable mechanism for paper feeding roller of automatic paper feeder Sep. 25, 2012
RE43681 Optical detection system Sep. 25, 2012
RE43680 Information processing system, hand held cellular phone, and information processing method Sep. 25, 2012
RE43679 Adjustable activity drainage box Sep. 25, 2012
RE43678 Web browser of wireless device having serialization manager for maintaining registry of converte... Sep. 18, 2012
RE43677 Apparatus for restoring network information for home network system and method thereof Sep. 18, 2012
RE43676 Alkyl ether derivatives or salts thereof Sep. 18, 2012
RE43675 Wireless radio routing system Sep. 18, 2012
RE43674 Post passivation metal scheme for high-performance integrated circuit devices Sep. 18, 2012
RE43673 Dual gate dielectric scheme: SiON for high performance devices and high K for low power devices Sep. 18, 2012
RE43672 Anti-IL-6 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses Sep. 18, 2012
RE43671 Apparatus and method for downloading and storing data from a digital receiver Sep. 18, 2012
RE43670 Single-carrier to multi-carrier wireless architecture Sep. 18, 2012
RE43669 Random access channel prioritization scheme Sep. 18, 2012
RE43668 Method and apparatus for transmitting packets Sep. 18, 2012
RE43667 System for multiple use subchannels Sep. 18, 2012
RE43666 Sensor apparatus and method Sep. 18, 2012
RE43665 Reading non-volatile multilevel memory cells Sep. 18, 2012
RE43664 Automatic channel memory device Sep. 18, 2012
RE43663 Semiconductor device Sep. 18, 2012
RE43662 Power assisted steering for all terrain vehicle Sep. 18, 2012
RE43661 Nanocrystalline apatites and composites, prostheses incorporating them, and method for their pro... Sep. 18, 2012
RE43660 Flow sensor using a heat element and a resistance temperature detector formed of a metal film Sep. 18, 2012
RE43659 Method for making a design layout of a semiconductor integrated circuit Sep. 11, 2012
RE43658 Analog physical signature devices and methods and systems for using such devices to secure the u... Sep. 11, 2012
RE43657 Electronic device, signal compensation device and signal compensation method Sep. 11, 2012
RE43656 Vending machine and computer assembly Sep. 11, 2012
RE43655 Chromatographic method for high yield purification and viral inactivation of antibodies Sep. 11, 2012

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