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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43806 Universally positionable mounting device Nov. 20, 2012
RE43805 Refrigeration/air conditioning equipment Nov. 20, 2012
RE43804 Hand-holdable vacuum cleaners Nov. 20, 2012
RE43803 System and methods for object-oriented control of diverse electromechanical systems using a comp... Nov. 13, 2012
RE43802 .alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhi... Nov. 13, 2012
RE43801 Golf club head Nov. 13, 2012
RE43800 Radio communication system including SDL having transmission rate of relatively high speed Nov. 13, 2012
RE43799 Controlled release and taste masking oral pharmaceutical composition Nov. 13, 2012
RE43798 Configurable cache allowing cache-type and buffer-type access Nov. 6, 2012
RE43797 Methods of administering tetrahydrobiopterin Nov. 6, 2012
RE43796 Receptacle connector Nov. 6, 2012
RE43795 Method of pre-treating sample for measuring saccharified amine and method of measuring saccharif... Nov. 6, 2012
RE43794 Anode active material, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium battery using the same Nov. 6, 2012
RE43793 Endosseous implant Nov. 6, 2012
RE43792 Method and apparatus for computing a shared secret key Nov. 6, 2012
RE43791 Systems and methods for interference cancellation in a radio receiver system Nov. 6, 2012
RE43790 Delay line correlator Nov. 6, 2012
RE43789 SIP-based user mobility providing apparatus and method Nov. 6, 2012
RE43788 Re-writable optical disk having reference clock information permanently formed on the disk Nov. 6, 2012
RE43787 Facsimile machine for use in combination with PC Nov. 6, 2012
RE43786 Digital observation system Nov. 6, 2012
RE43785 Thin film transistor panel for liquid crystal display Nov. 6, 2012
RE43784 Magnetic resonance imaging using preparation scan for optimizing pulse sequence Nov. 6, 2012
RE43783 Charging device with stress stored by charging that is initiated by externally applied force, an... Nov. 6, 2012
RE43782 Active matrix display device having wiring layers which are connected over multiple contact part... Nov. 6, 2012
RE43781 Vacuum transfer robot Nov. 6, 2012
RE43780 Plug connector Oct. 30, 2012
RE43779 Image forming apparatus Oct. 30, 2012
RE43778 Printing apparatus and printing method using a plurality of printers and which distributes a pri... Oct. 30, 2012
RE43777 Light source device and projector Oct. 30, 2012
RE43776 Layout technique for matched resistors on an integrated circuit substrate Oct. 30, 2012
RE43775 Register controlled delay locked loop and its control method Oct. 30, 2012
RE43774 Systems and methods of identifying patch cord connections in a communications patching system us... Oct. 30, 2012
RE43773 Drilling quick connectors Oct. 30, 2012
RE43772 Seed tube for an agricultural seeding machine Oct. 30, 2012
RE43771 Display device for beverage pitcher or coffee machine Oct. 30, 2012
RE43769 Employee stock option appreciation rights securities auction process Oct. 23, 2012
RE43768 Adaptive commerce systems and methods Oct. 23, 2012
RE43767 Control of data transmission between a remote monitoring unit and a central unit Oct. 23, 2012
RE43766 Bra strap retainer Oct. 23, 2012
RE43765 Method for fabricating semiconductor device having trench isolation layer Oct. 23, 2012
RE43764 Purifying process for phosphatidylserine Oct. 23, 2012
RE43763 Image forming apparatus Oct. 23, 2012
RE43762 Fiber access terminal Oct. 23, 2012
RE43761 Jitter measuring method and device Oct. 23, 2012
RE43760 Adjusting connection bandwidth in a data network Oct. 23, 2012
RE43759 Multiple wavelength light emitting device, electronic apparatus, and interference mirror Oct. 23, 2012
RE43758 Spark plug with alloy chip Oct. 23, 2012
RE43757 Rotational stage for high speed, large area scanning in focused beam systems Oct. 23, 2012
RE43756 Rapid feed paintball loader with pivotable deflector Oct. 23, 2012

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