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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44258 Apparatus and method for manipulating a touch-sensitive display panel Jun. 4, 2013
RE44256 Electrical instrument platform for mounting on and removal from an energized high voltage power ... Jun. 4, 2013
RE44255 Support for microelectronic, microoptoelectronic or micromechanical devices Jun. 4, 2013
RE44254 Phosphorescent compositions and methods for identification using the same Jun. 4, 2013
RE44253 Self-scanned photodiode array with selectively-skipped pixels Jun. 4, 2013
RE44252 Coin redemption system Jun. 4, 2013
RE44251 Circuit board for mounting electronic parts Jun. 4, 2013
RE44250 Visor assembly Jun. 4, 2013
RE44249 Methods for blocking harmful information online May. 28, 2013
RE44248 System for transferring personalize matter from one computer to another May. 28, 2013
RE44247 Communication method May. 28, 2013
RE44246 Method for containing a device and a corresponding device May. 28, 2013
RE44245 Method and apparatus for detecting protection of audio and video signals May. 28, 2013
RE44244 Dynamic wireless link adaptation May. 28, 2013
RE44243 Method for separating and processing signal and bearer in all IP radio access network May. 28, 2013
RE44242 Semiconductor memory May. 28, 2013
RE44241 Method and apparatus for providing translucent images on a computer display May. 28, 2013
RE44240 Electron beam exposure system May. 28, 2013
RE44239 Electrode and its fabrication method for semiconductor devices, and sputtering target for formin... May. 28, 2013
RE44238 Device for measuring package size May. 28, 2013
RE44237 System and method for reuse of communications spectrum for fixed and mobile applications with ef... May. 21, 2013
RE44236 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device May. 21, 2013
RE44235 Enhancing image quality in an image system May. 21, 2013
RE44234 Systems and methods for reduced bit-depth processing in video-related data with frequency weight... May. 21, 2013
RE44233 Robust header compression in packet communications May. 21, 2013
RE44232 OFDM transmission apparatus and method having minimal transmission delay May. 21, 2013
RE44231 Apparatus and method for processing audio signals recorded on a medium May. 21, 2013
RE44230 Clock signal generation apparatus for use in semiconductor memory device and its method May. 21, 2013
RE44229 Semiconductor integrated circuit device May. 21, 2013
RE44228 Switching mode power supply and driving method May. 21, 2013
RE44227 Display devices having rounded corner backlight unit May. 21, 2013
RE44226 Retinal function measurement apparatus May. 21, 2013
RE44225 Abnormality detection and surveillance system May. 21, 2013
RE44224 Surface-mounted over-current protection device May. 21, 2013
RE44223 Method for processing information parts of recorded data May. 14, 2013
RE44222 Methods, systems and devices for packet watermarking and efficient provisioning of bandwidth May. 14, 2013
RE44221 Method for verifying mask pattern of semiconductor device May. 14, 2013
RE44220 Electronic identification system and method with source authenticity May. 14, 2013
RE44219 Adaptive receiving system and method for MIMO May. 14, 2013
RE44218 Semiconductor memory device for controlling write recovery time May. 14, 2013
RE44217 Impact resistant electronic data module housing May. 14, 2013
RE44216 Microscope imaging system and method for emulating a high aperture imaging system, particularly ... May. 14, 2013
RE44215 Semiconductor optoelectric device and method of manufacturing the same May. 14, 2013
RE44214 Unmanned integrated optical remote emissions sensor (RES) for motor vehicles May. 14, 2013
RE44213 Centrifugal separator for mixtures in a liquid or gaseous medium May. 14, 2013
RE44212 Gutter guard May. 14, 2013
RE44211 Constant bit rate transport in a contention based medium access control May. 7, 2013
RE44210 Virtualizing super-user privileges for multiple virtual processes May. 7, 2013
RE44209 Method and system for real-time control of document printing May. 7, 2013
RE44208 System and method for providing information, and recording medium May. 7, 2013

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