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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44408 RFID system and method for tracking environmental data Aug. 6, 2013
RE44407 Space transformers employing wire bonds for interconnections with fine pitch contacts Aug. 6, 2013
RE44406 Method of detecting switching power supply output current Aug. 6, 2013
RE44405 Switch integrated casing and electronic equipment having the casing Aug. 6, 2013
RE44404 Ceiling-only dry sprinkler systems and methods for addressing a storage occupancy fire Aug. 6, 2013
RE44403 Method of removing stators from tubular stator housings Aug. 6, 2013
RE44402 System and method for storing a sequential data stream Jul. 30, 2013
RE44401 Thyroid hormone analysis by mass spectrometry Jul. 30, 2013
RE44400 Compositions comprising Lactobacillus plantarum strains in combination with tannin and new Lacto... Jul. 30, 2013
RE44399 One dose vaccination with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Jul. 30, 2013
RE44398 Dynamic reallocation of bandwidth and modulation protocols Jul. 30, 2013
RE44397 Single objective lens for use with CD or DVD optical disk Jul. 30, 2013
RE44396 Gyro-stabilized platforms for force-feedback applications Jul. 30, 2013
RE44395 System for terminating multicast channel and data broadcast when at least two second endpoints d... Jul. 23, 2013
RE44394 Point of law search system and method Jul. 23, 2013
RE44393 System and method for deriving data Jul. 23, 2013
RE44392 Spinal fixation system and related methods Jul. 23, 2013
RE44391 Apparatus and method of interacting with a mobile phone using a TV system Jul. 23, 2013
RE44390 Two channel communication system using RDS datastream broadcasting Jul. 23, 2013
RE44389 Methods of inhibiting the binding of P-selectin to PSGL-1 with anti-P-selectin antibodies Jul. 23, 2013
RE44388 Device and method for repeatedly updating the function of a LCD monitor Jul. 23, 2013
RE44387 Container with locking system Jul. 23, 2013
RE44386 Binary exploding target, package process and product Jul. 23, 2013
RE44385 Method of making in-situ composites comprising amorphous alloys Jul. 23, 2013
RE44384 Method and device for mounting electronic component Jul. 23, 2013
RE44383 Method of self-synchronization of configurable elements of a programmable module Jul. 16, 2013
RE44382 Character display apparatus and method for a digital versatile disc Jul. 16, 2013
RE44381 Internet-based check ordering system Jul. 16, 2013
RE44380 Screw-type skin seal with inflatable membrane Jul. 16, 2013
RE44379 Chain ring protector Jul. 16, 2013
RE44378 Cellular network-based location system Jul. 16, 2013
RE44377 Bump-on-lead flip chip interconnection Jul. 16, 2013
RE44376 Silicon substrate with reduced surface roughness Jul. 16, 2013
RE44375 Optical transceiver module Jul. 16, 2013
RE44374 Flagging/indicating user information in conference event package Jul. 16, 2013
RE44373 Lighting apparatus Jul. 16, 2013
RE44372 System and apparatus for efficient heat removal from heat-generating electronic modules Jul. 16, 2013
RE44371 Camera module Jul. 16, 2013
RE44370 Lenticular card and processes for making Jul. 16, 2013
RE44369 Automatic pre-render pinning of change isolated assets methods and apparatus Jul. 16, 2013
RE44368 Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator Jul. 16, 2013
RE44367 Image and information processor Jul. 16, 2013
RE44366 Lift drive device Jul. 16, 2013
RE44365 Method of self-synchronization of configurable elements of a programmable module Jul. 9, 2013
RE44364 Method of encrypting information for remote access while maintaining access control Jul. 9, 2013
RE44363 Arrangement for load sharing in computer networks Jul. 9, 2013
RE44362 Using accounting data based indexing to create a portfolio of financial objects Jul. 9, 2013
RE44361 Tool for removing object from the body of a patient Jul. 9, 2013
RE44360 Vibratory apparatus of exercise Jul. 9, 2013
RE44359 Nucleic acid molecules encoding anti-P-selectin antibodies Jul. 9, 2013

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