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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44458 Access structure with bursting detonator for opening a sealed package Aug. 27, 2013
RE44457 Method and apparatus for adaptive encoding framed data sequences Aug. 27, 2013
RE44456 Method for transmitting and receiving signal to protect against erroneous feedback information Aug. 27, 2013
RE44455 Measuring array Aug. 27, 2013
RE44454 Collapsible trailer container Aug. 27, 2013
RE44453 Humidifier with structure to prevent backflow of liquid through the humidifier inlet Aug. 27, 2013
RE44452 Pedal position and/or pedal change rate for use in control of an engine Aug. 27, 2013
RE44451 Method and system for transmitting informational content data Aug. 20, 2013
RE44450 Multi-tiered structure for storing and displaying product and process variants Aug. 20, 2013
RE44449 Reel strip interaction Aug. 20, 2013
RE44448 Electrical connector with ESD protection Aug. 20, 2013
RE44447 Method and system for forward link cell switching approach without ABIS traffic flooding Aug. 20, 2013
RE44446 Dual stage lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method Aug. 20, 2013
RE44445 Method for forming partitions of plasma display panel by using sandblasting processing Aug. 20, 2013
RE44444 Method of joining pipes in end to end relation Aug. 20, 2013
RE44443 Isochronous channel having a linked list of buffers Aug. 13, 2013
RE44442 Information processing apparatus and information processing method Aug. 13, 2013
RE44441 System for terminating multicast channel and data broadcast when at least two second endpoints d... Aug. 13, 2013
RE44440 System and method for minimizing power consumption for an object sensor Aug. 13, 2013
RE44439 Gambling game system and method for remotely-located players Aug. 13, 2013
RE44438 Semiconductor device and method of dissipating heat from thin package-on-package mounted to subs... Aug. 13, 2013
RE44437 Methods for detecting receptor complexes comprising PI3K Aug. 13, 2013
RE44436 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method Aug. 13, 2013
RE44435 Power mode aware packet communication method and apparatus Aug. 13, 2013
RE44434 Optical position measuring system and method using a low coherence light source Aug. 13, 2013
RE44433 Method and apparatus for a wireless tether system Aug. 13, 2013
RE44432 Headrest on a vehicle seat Aug. 13, 2013
RE44431 Bump-on-lead flip chip interconnection Aug. 13, 2013
RE44430 PMOS depletable drain extension made from NMOS dual depletable drain extensions Aug. 13, 2013
RE44429 Light-emitting semiconductor device having enhanced brightness Aug. 13, 2013
RE44428 Holster for handguns Aug. 13, 2013
RE44427 Apparatus for directional boring under mixed conditions Aug. 13, 2013
RE44426 Continuous casting of foamed bulk amorphous alloys Aug. 13, 2013
RE44425 Continuous casting of bulk solidifying amorphous alloys Aug. 13, 2013
RE44424 Filter assembly and method Aug. 13, 2013
RE44423 Method of manufacturing a quartz crystal unit Aug. 13, 2013
RE44422 Ice skate blade Aug. 13, 2013
RE44421 Decoding apparatus for low-density parity-check codes using sequential decoding, and method ther... Aug. 6, 2013
RE44420 Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and program to decode low density parity check codes Aug. 6, 2013
RE44419 System and method for electronic remittance notice analysis Aug. 6, 2013
RE44418 Techniques for disambiguating speech input using multimodal interfaces Aug. 6, 2013
RE44417 Banana cage Aug. 6, 2013
RE44416 Method and system for controlling access to a mobile communication terminal Aug. 6, 2013
RE44415 Wireless communication medium and method for operating the same Aug. 6, 2013
RE44414 Hard coating film and method for forming the same Aug. 6, 2013
RE44413 FIR filter of DS-CDMA UWB modem transmitter and control method thereof Aug. 6, 2013
RE44412 Digital home networks having a control point located on a wide area network Aug. 6, 2013
RE44411 Method of addressing messages, method of establishing wireless communications and communications... Aug. 6, 2013
RE44410 Charge comparator with low input offset Aug. 6, 2013
RE44409 Method for electronic tracking of units associated with a batch Aug. 6, 2013
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