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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44510 Multifunctional linker molecules for tuning electronic charge transport through organic-inorgani... Sep. 24, 2013
RE44509 Surgical needle Sep. 24, 2013
RE44508 Production of capsules and particles for improvement of food products Sep. 24, 2013
RE44507 Orthogonal complex spreading method for multichannel and apparatus thereof Sep. 24, 2013
RE44506 Rolled product dispenser Sep. 24, 2013
RE44505 Assembly for perforating rod-shaped elements, particularly cigarettes Sep. 24, 2013
RE44504 Picture leveling/positioning template Sep. 24, 2013
RE44503 Memory device storing identifying information and memory card including the same Sep. 17, 2013
RE44502 System and method for multi-currency transactions Sep. 17, 2013
RE44501 Hindfoot nail Sep. 17, 2013
RE44500 Semiconductor device and method of forming composite bump-on-lead interconnection Sep. 17, 2013
RE44499 Focus detection apparatus, method of driving the same and camera system Sep. 17, 2013
RE44498 Fiber optic local convergence points for multiple dwelling units Sep. 17, 2013
RE44497 Method and apparatus for controlling loop filtering or post filtering in block based motion comp... Sep. 17, 2013
RE44495 Apparatus and method for providing, retrieving, and using data guide information supplied in a d... Sep. 10, 2013
RE44494 Processor having execution core sections operating at different clock rates Sep. 10, 2013
RE44493 Compression and remote storage apparatus for data, music and video Sep. 10, 2013
RE44492 System and method for reuse of communications spectrum for fixed and mobile applications with ef... Sep. 10, 2013
RE44491 Chemical mechanical polishing retaining ring Sep. 10, 2013
RE44490 Electrical clamp connector and connecting terminal Sep. 10, 2013
RE44489 Electrolytic solution and battery Sep. 10, 2013
RE44488 Method for setting user equipment identifier in radio communication system Sep. 10, 2013
RE44487 Command packet packing to mitigate CRC overhead Sep. 10, 2013
RE44486 Circuit apparatus for transformerless conversion of an electric direct voltage into an alternati... Sep. 10, 2013
RE44485 Device for feeding electrical energy from an energy source Sep. 10, 2013
RE44484 Method and circuit for driving electrophoretic display and electronic device using same Sep. 10, 2013
RE44483 ZSCREEN.RTM. modulator with wire grid polarizer for stereoscopic projection Sep. 10, 2013
RE44482 CMOS active image sensor with common pixel transistors and binning capability Sep. 10, 2013
RE44481 Apparel accessory holder Sep. 10, 2013
RE44480 Vehicle advertising sign, system and method Sep. 10, 2013
RE44479 Method and mechanism for implementing electronic designs having power information specifications... Sep. 3, 2013
RE44478 Method and system for navigating a large amount of data Sep. 3, 2013
RE44477 System for modifying and targeting advertising content of internet radio broadcasts Sep. 3, 2013
RE44476 Constrained prosthetic knee with rotating bearing Sep. 3, 2013
RE44475 Lubricating composition containing non-acidic phosphorus compounds Sep. 3, 2013
RE44474 Arrowhead with pivoting blade Sep. 3, 2013
RE44473 Method for fabricating semiconductor device with vertical channel transistor Sep. 3, 2013
RE44472 Extended source transmitter for free space optical communication systems Sep. 3, 2013
RE44470 Liquid crystal display device comprising a picture element region including different electric f... Sep. 3, 2013
RE44469 Nanoelectronic differential amplifiers and related circuits having graphene nanoribbons Sep. 3, 2013
RE44468 Data security method and device for computer modules Aug. 27, 2013
RE44467 Wireless telephony for collecting tolls, conducting financial transactions, and authorizing othe... Aug. 27, 2013
RE44466 Method and device for packaging audio samples of a non-PCM encoded audio bitstream into a sequen... Aug. 27, 2013
RE44465 Method and apparatus for electronically generating a color dental occlusion map within electroni... Aug. 27, 2013
RE44464 Method and apparatus for determining a characteristic curve for an electric variable of a wind e... Aug. 27, 2013
RE44463 Implant with attached element and method of making such an implant Aug. 27, 2013
RE44462 Carbon dioxide fractionalization process Aug. 27, 2013
RE44461 Method, system and apparatus for paging access terminals Aug. 27, 2013
RE44460 Systems for synchronous multipoint-to-point orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communica... Aug. 27, 2013
RE44459 Method for lowering blood glucose Aug. 27, 2013
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