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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44560 Data processing system, information processing apparatus, data processing method and computer pr... Oct. 22, 2013
RE44559 Adaptive social computing methods Oct. 22, 2013
RE44558 Chromatographic method for high yield purification and viral inactivation of antibodies Oct. 22, 2013
RE44557 Ruggedized tradesworkers radio Oct. 22, 2013
RE44556 Electrical power connector Oct. 22, 2013
RE44555 Method for analyzing chemical and/or biological samples by means of particle images Oct. 22, 2013
RE44554 Information receiving device and method, information release device, and information communicati... Oct. 22, 2013
RE44553 Apparatus and an associated method for facilitating communications in a radio communication syst... Oct. 22, 2013
RE44552 Printing system, job processing method, printing device, and storage medium Oct. 22, 2013
RE44551 Universal tuner for mobile TV Oct. 22, 2013
RE44550 Method and device for pictorial representation of space-related data Oct. 22, 2013
RE44549 Method and system for displaying traveling-position of move object Oct. 22, 2013
RE44548 Open roof construction for a vehicle Oct. 22, 2013
RE44547 Semiconductor device having deep trench charge compensation regions and method Oct. 22, 2013
RE44546 Universal electrical wiring component Oct. 22, 2013
RE44545 Respirator mask with hygienic protection Oct. 22, 2013
RE44544 Electroinjector for controlling fuel injection in an internal-combustion engine Oct. 22, 2013
RE44543 Naphthalenic compounds as termite bait toxicants Oct. 22, 2013
RE44542 Check based online payment and verification system and method Oct. 15, 2013
RE44541 Method and system for accumulating marginal discounts and applying an associated incentive upon ... Oct. 15, 2013
RE44540 Transmission of multimedia messages between mobile station terminals Oct. 15, 2013
RE44539 Rapid classification of biological components Oct. 15, 2013
RE44538 Indium gallium nitride channel high electron mobility transistors, and method of making the same Oct. 15, 2013
RE44537 Dual gas pressure regulator for a household appliance Oct. 15, 2013
RE44536 Filters employing both acidic polymers and physical-adsorption media Oct. 15, 2013
RE44535 Alert notification system Oct. 8, 2013
RE44534 Dynamic machine synthesis for wireless device access and management Oct. 8, 2013
RE44533 Diagnosis of infection in the lungs of patients Oct. 8, 2013
RE44532 Method for manufacturing a transistor of a semiconductor memory device Oct. 8, 2013
RE44531 Manufacturing process of thin film transistor Oct. 8, 2013
RE44530 Apparatus for making a random access to the reverse common channel of a base station in CDMA and... Oct. 8, 2013
RE44529 Record carrier having a servo track with position information in accordance with a modulation ty... Oct. 8, 2013
RE44528 Method and user interface for performing a scan operation for a scanner coupled to a computer sy... Oct. 8, 2013
RE44527 Abnormality detection and surveillance system Oct. 8, 2013
RE44526 Electronic fence mode alert system and method Oct. 8, 2013
RE44525 Systems and methods for over-current protection Oct. 8, 2013
RE44524 Bump-on-lead flip chip interconnection Oct. 8, 2013
RE44523 Imaging device with pre-charged signal line Oct. 8, 2013
RE44522 Concentration measuring method, concentration test instrument, and concentration measuring appar... Oct. 8, 2013
RE44521 Electrochemical-sensor design Oct. 8, 2013
RE44520 Tubing hanger with annulus bore Oct. 8, 2013
RE44519 Starch compositions and methods for use in papermaking Oct. 8, 2013
RE44518 Method of scarifying an interior surface of a pipeline Oct. 8, 2013
RE44517 Large-capacity vehicle for transporting people, especially a rail vehicle, comprising carriages ... Oct. 8, 2013
RE44516 Perch-shank device Oct. 8, 2013
RE44515 Mounting plate Oct. 8, 2013
RE44514 Apparatus and method for providing, retrieving, and using data guide information supplied in a d... Oct. 1, 2013
RE44513 Method and apparatus for performing a credit based transaction between a user of a wireless comm... Oct. 1, 2013
RE44512 Methods for producing recombinant proteins Oct. 1, 2013
RE44511 Drum type washing machine Oct. 1, 2013
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