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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE44710 Pump-type packaging unit for a liquid or semi-liquid product Jan. 21, 2014
RE44709 Soft Cr-containing steel Jan. 21, 2014
RE44708 Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with blended tissue harmonic signals Jan. 14, 2014
RE44707 Location-based vehicle messaging system Jan. 14, 2014
RE44706 RF domains Jan. 14, 2014
RE44705 Electrolytic solutions and battery Jan. 14, 2014
RE44704 Compositions and methods for treating cancer using immunoconjugates and chemotherapeutic agents Jan. 14, 2014
RE44703 Device and method for detecting object and device and method for group learning Jan. 14, 2014
RE44702 Method and apparatus for serving data Jan. 14, 2014
RE44701 System and method for an adaptive TCP SYN cookie with time validation Jan. 14, 2014
RE44700 Seat deck assembly or compartment cover for a materials handling vehicle Jan. 14, 2014
RE44699 Semiconductor integrated circuit having pads layout for increasing signal integrity and reducing... Jan. 14, 2014
RE44698 Plants with reduced susceptibility to pathogenic oomycetes Jan. 7, 2014
RE44697 Encryption processor with shared memory interconnect Jan. 7, 2014
RE44696 Automated engraving of a customized jewelry item Jan. 7, 2014
RE44695 Dual electrode system for a continuous analyte sensor Jan. 7, 2014
RE44694 Apparatus and method of interacting with a mobile phone using a TV system Jan. 7, 2014
RE44693 Beads bound to a solid support and to nucleic acids Jan. 7, 2014
RE44692 Image coding and decoding apparatus based on the coding mode of the image to be predicted Jan. 7, 2014
RE44691 Multi-frequency identification device Jan. 7, 2014
RE44690 Bit holders and bit blocks for road milling, mining and trenching equipment Jan. 7, 2014
RE44689 Optical coin discrimination sensor and coin processing system using the same Jan. 7, 2014
RE44688 Bus transaction reordering in a computer system having unordered slaves Dec. 31, 2013
RE44687 Prediction-based dynamic thread pool management method and agent platform using the same Dec. 31, 2013
RE44686 Dynamically modifying the resources of a virtual server Dec. 31, 2013
RE44685 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving executable applications as for a multimedia system, and... Dec. 31, 2013
RE44684 Methods, systems, and computer readable medium for providing video content over a network Dec. 31, 2013
RE44683 Composition, preparation of polycarbosilanes and their uses Dec. 31, 2013
RE44682 Fluoropolymer foams, process to make them and applications thereof Dec. 31, 2013
RE44681 Compositions and methods for inhibiting growth of SMAD4-deficient cancers Dec. 31, 2013
RE44680 Processing multiview video Dec. 31, 2013
RE44679 Method and system for processing telecommunication signals Dec. 31, 2013
RE44678 Record carrier, playback apparatus and information system comprising a record carrier and a play... Dec. 31, 2013
RE44677 Electronic brake management system with manual fail safe Dec. 31, 2013
RE44676 Food garbage disposer Dec. 31, 2013
RE44675 Foldable tool with single beam construction Dec. 31, 2013
RE44674 Drum type washing machine Dec. 31, 2013
RE44673 Portable presentation and display boards Dec. 31, 2013
RE44672 Communications headset Dec. 31, 2013
RE44671 System and method for verification of personal identity Dec. 24, 2013
RE44670 Resilient cryptographic scheme Dec. 24, 2013
RE44669 Systems and method for secure wireless payment transactions Dec. 24, 2013
RE44668 Method and system for customizing an orthodontic archwire Dec. 24, 2013
RE44667 Impedance spectroscopy system and catheter for ischemic mucosal damage monitoring in hollow visc... Dec. 24, 2013
RE44666 Apparatus, and associated method, for providing open loop diversity in a radio communication sys... Dec. 24, 2013
RE44665 System and method for registering attendance of entities associated with content creation Dec. 24, 2013
RE44664 Multi-optical fiber connector module for use with a transceiver module and method for coupling o... Dec. 24, 2013
RE44663 Image decoding apparatus for persistently storing reference images Dec. 24, 2013
RE44662 Obtaining channel quality information in a wireless communication network Dec. 24, 2013
RE44661 Method for a cable modem to rapidly switch to a backup CMTS Dec. 24, 2013
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