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Bradford T. Sorensen Patents
Sorensen; Bradford T.
Glendale, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D448990 Pop-up food tray for combination meals October 9, 2001
D435360 Portable desk December 26, 2000
D425282 Service jack May 16, 2000
7059226 Page indexing system and apparatus for forming page shapes of system June 13, 2006
A finger-operated page turning device for stacked sheets, with methods, apparatus for forming the device as sets offset voids or notches in alternating pages of a stack. The device is operated by simple movements of the thumb and/or fingers of a user's one hand while holding the stack
6401927 Pop-up food tray for combination meals June 11, 2002
An innovative pop-up food tray for combination meals to function as a lap or seat mounted support for the typical sandwich, drink cup and French fry container related to eating drive-in fast-food while operating an vehicle, which includes the features of a pair of automatic pop-out food
6113052 Portable desk September 5, 2000
The present invention provides a lightweight and inexpensive portable desk useful as a support for an article, a book, a magazine, a lap-top computer, a drawing, a photograph, a painting, writing utensils, and the like. The portable desk comprises just two integral components, a desk
5860788 Low drag fan assembly January 19, 1999
A fan assembly includes a circular first array of first fan blades; a first primary ring member supportively connecting inner extremities of the first blades about a fan axis, respective end extremities of at least a majority of the first blades defining inside and outside diameters of t
5142445 Modular stackable interlocking storage cabinet for electronic components August 25, 1992
A modular storage cabinet for electronic components which includes at least one base having front back and opposite side walls. Each base side wall includes a coacting top and bottom fastener. A plurality of stackable side bars wherein each side bar includes an elongated wall portion hav

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