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aWengen; Daniel F.
Binningen, CH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7238202 Ossicular replacement prosthesis July 3, 2007
An auditory ossicle prosthesis (10) which is fastened to the limb of incus (20) of the human ossicular chain and to the stapes, or is inserted directly into the inner ear, whereby the auditory ossicle prosthesis (10) is made of an elastic material or a material having at least one hinged
7204850 Auditory ossicles prosthesis with ball-and-socket joint April 17, 2007
An auditory ossicles prosthesis mountable with its one end on a hammer grip of a human auditory ossicies chain and with its another end on a raising bracket of the human auditory ossicles chain or insertable directly into an inner ear, wherein the auditory ossicles prosthesis has a p
6830587 Stirrup prosthesis December 14, 2004
A stirrup prosthesis for implantation in a middle ear has an elastic clamping member which is displaceable on a long anvil projection and formed as a clip which is open at one side, the clip having an opening, and at least one leg with a portion extending outwardly of the opening and

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