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Ziazadeh; Ramsin M.
San Jose, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7813495 Apparatus and method for automatic gain control and echo cancellation in a network system October 12, 2010
A communications cabling front-end architecture that achieves solid echo cancellation and lower noise performance by combining an echo-cancellation circuit and an equalizer function at the same point, at the most front-end of the system.
7630422 Driver for vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser and method December 8, 2009
A driver for a vertical-cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) is provided that includes a bias current source, a modulation current source, and an output tracking circuit. The bias current source is operable to generate a bias current and an output voltage for the VCSEL and to generate a
7525348 Differential voltage comparator April 28, 2009
A circuit and method for comparing and providing a signal indicative of a difference in magnitude between a differential signal voltage and a differential reference voltage.
7369591 System for controlling peaking for a driver for a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser May 6, 2008
A driver for a vertical-cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) is provided that includes a bias current source, a modulation source, and a peaking control circuit. The bias current source is operable to generate a bias current for the VCSEL and an output voltage. The modulation current
7256651 System and method for providing a constant swing high-gain complementary differential limiting a August 14, 2007
A system and a method are disclosed for providing a constant swing high-gain complementary differential limiting amplifier. High gain for the differential amplifier is created by providing a current to the driving transistors that is a combination of any of (a) constant current, (b)
7224189 AC/DC coupling input network with low-power common-mode correction for current-mode-logic driver May 29, 2007
An input network is provided within an integrated circuit for interfacing with signals produced by an external CML driver apparatus. The input network includes an input for receiving the signals, and this input is coupled to a terminating impedance, a DC attenuator and an AC attenuator.
7208981 Differential signal generator with built-in test circuitry April 24, 2007
A circuit and method are provided for performing built-in test of output signal magnitudes of integrated differential signal generator circuitry. In accordance with one embodiment, first upper and lower reference voltages and second upper and lower reference voltages are received via a
7135902 Differential signal generator having controlled signal rise and fall times with built-in test ci November 14, 2006
Integrated differential data signal generator circuitry for providing differential data signals with controlled rise and fall times and built-in test capabilities.
7019678 Digital-to-analog converter with constant differential gain and method March 28, 2006
A digital-to-analog converter is provided that includes an input stage and an output stage. The input stage is operable to receive a digital bit of data, to convert the digital bit into a quasi-differential current, and to convert the quasi-differential current into a first voltage using
6724251 Apparatus and method for employing gain dependent biasing to reduce offset and noise in a curren April 20, 2004
A circuit with low noise and reduced offset that feeds an input of an opamp with a programmable feedback resistor that provides variable gain settings. Input biasing currents are varied using control bits that are also used to adjust the gain. When the input signal is small (gain at
6606001 High-speed current-mirror circuitry and method of operating the same August 12, 2003
There is disclosed high-speed current-mirror circuitry and methods of operating the same. An exemplary impedance-peaking current mirror comprises a N-channel drive transistor and a N-channel mirror transistor. The N-channel drive transistor has a source coupled to ground, a drain cou
6545622 Low power analog equalizer with current mode digital to analog converter April 8, 2003
A low power analog equalizer is disclosed that provides up to twenty decibels (20 dB) of alternating current gain in a single stage of analog signal equalization. The analog equalizer comprises an operational amplifier coupled to two half circuits. Each half circuit comprises an impe

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