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Zhang; Qin
San Jose, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7050671 Tunable compensation of chromatic dispersion using etalons with tunable optical path length and May 23, 2006
A dispersion compensation system includes one or more etalons optically coupled in series. The optical path length is used to achieves the desired dispersion compensation. In one example, at least some of the etalons are tunable in OPL and have a non-tunable front reflective interfac
6687462 Wavelength slicer for optical signal switching February 3, 2004
A wavelength slicing apparatus and method includes two filters having passbands offset from each other and from a signal channel. The offset passbands enhance transmission where they overlap and reduce transmission where they do not overlap such that transmission of optical signals in a
6621614 Etalons with variable reflectivity September 16, 2003
An etalon has a first surface which is partially reflective. The reflectivity of the first surface varies with position. Thus, this reflectivity can in effect be adjusted by varying the point at which an optical beam is incident upon the etalon. At one point of incidence, the optical
6441961 Folded optical interleaver with optional routing capability August 27, 2002
An optical interleaver apparatus and method are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a first birefringent element, a first waveplate, a second birefringent element, a polarization rotation device and a retro-reflector. The first birefringent element separates an input optical signal in
6411634 Cost-effective high precision wavelength locker June 25, 2002
A system and method for providing a wavelength locker is disclosed. In one aspect, the method and system include providing a reflector, a first filter, and a second filter. The reflector is for receiving an optical signal, transmitting a first portion of the optical signal, and reflectin

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