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Zhang; Hongyong
Kanagawa-Ken, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7646022 Display device January 12, 2010
The present invention provides an active matrix type display device having a high aperture ratio and a required auxiliary capacitor. A source line and a gate line are overlapped with part of a pixel electrode. This overlapped region functions to be a black matrix. Further, an electrode
7507615 Method of manufacturing gate insulated field effect transistors March 24, 2009
A method of manufacturing thin film field effect transistors is described. The channel region of the transistors is formed by depositing an amorphous semiconductor film in a first sputtering apparatus followed by thermal treatment for converting the amorphous phase to a polycrystalline
7425999 Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof September 16, 2008
To suppress the occurrence of a failure caused by static electricity in the manufacturing process of an active matrix type display device in which an active matrix circuit and peripheral drive circuits are integrated on a glass substrate, a protective capacitor to be connected to a s
7196749 Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating thereof March 27, 2007
To provide a technology for fabricating a high image quality liquid crystal display device, a set range of a cell gap for holding a liquid crystal layer is limited in accordance with a distance of a pixel pitch in which specifically, the cell gap is set to be a distance of one tenth
6696326 Cleaning method to prevent watermarks February 24, 2004
In a cleaning method and a cleaning apparatus of a silicon substrate, after wet cleaning or etching of the substrate having a silicon surface is carried out, and during or after a pure water rinse of the substrate, an oxide film with a thickness of 10 to 30 .ANG. is formed on the silicon
6627487 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof September 30, 2003
TFTs of peripheral logic circuits and TFTs of an active matrix circuit (pixel circuit) are formed on a single substrate by using a crystalline silicon film. The crystalline silicon film is obtained by introducing a catalyst element, such as nickel, for accelerating crystallization into a
6541313 Transistor and process for fabricating the same April 1, 2003
A process for fabricating a thin film transistor, which comprises crystallizing an amorphous silicon film, forming thereon a gate insulating film and a gate electrode, implanting impurities in a self-aligned manner, adhering a coating containing a catalyst element which accelerates the
6181389 TFT LCD device with gate/data lines in interrupting patterns January 30, 2001
A number of parallel light-interrupting stripes are formed over the entire TFT substrate, and light-interrupting patterns that are isolated from each other are formed separately from the light-interrupting stripes. Light interruption along gate bus patterns is effected by the light-inter
5923962 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device July 13, 1999
A process for fabricating a highly stable and reliable semiconductor, comprising: coating the surface of an amorphous silicon film with a solution containing a catalyst element capable of accelerating the crystallization of the amorphous silicon film, and heat treating the amorphous

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