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Zediker; Mark S.
Florissant, MO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6312166 Laser diode arrays and systems including structures for permitting optical power measurement the November 6, 2001
A laser diode system permitting indirect measurement of optical power includes a laser diode which emits usable light from a front facet and spontaneously emits stray light substantially proportional to the usable light from another facet; and a light pipe disposed proximate to the laser
6061170 Dual frequency laser amplifier array and operating method therefor May 9, 2000
A dual frequency laser amplifier includes a beam generator for generating first and second source laser beams, and a co-doped optical fiber including first and second dopant ions having first and second gain bandwidths corresponding to the respective wavelengths of the first and seco
5966391 Long cavity laser system including frequency doubling long cavity fiber optic laser system October 12, 1999
A polarization controlled laser system receiving a pump laser beam includes a long laser cavity for precluding mode hopping. Preferably, the long laser cavity is defined by first and second dichroic reflectors, a rare earth doped optical fiber disposed between the first and second dichro
5867257 Battlefield personnel threat detection system and operating method therefor February 2, 1999
A battlefield personnel threat detection system for identifying and analyzing vibrations corresponding to an immutable characteristic of a target of interest includes a transmitter for producing a transmit laser beam by amplification of a primary coherent laser signal, a coherent rec
5847817 Method for extending range and sensitivity of a fiber optic micro-doppler ladar system and appar December 8, 1998
A method for compensating a reference signal used in a coherent receiver of a micro-doppler sensor having a transmitter includes the steps for: (a) repeatedly measuring phase differences between a signal emitted by the transmitter a first time and a previous signal emitted at a previous
5847816 Fiber optic micro-doppler ladar system and operating method therefor December 8, 1998
A micro-doppler ladar system for identifying and analyzing a target of interest includes a transmitter and coherent receiver pair, each of which includes a fiber optic power amplifier, and a controller. Preferably, the transmitter includes a master oscillator for generating a primary las
5832006 Phased array Raman laser amplifier and operating method therefor November 3, 1998
A phased array Raman laser amplifier includes a beam generator for generating a fundamental laser beam and a Raman seed frequency laser beam, and a fiber optic laser amplifier array for forming a diffraction limited output laser beam at the Raman seed frequency by amplifying the fund
5781229 Multi-viewer three dimensional (3-D) virtual display system and operating method therefor July 14, 1998
A three-dimensional (3-D) virtual display system for displaying a flicker-free 3-D virtual image to each of N viewers randomly dispersed about a horizontally disposed viewing screen, where N is an integer greater than 1, includes a laser projector for generating N.times.M image pairs
5715270 High efficiency, high power direct diode laser systems and methods therefor February 3, 1998
A direct diode laser system includes N laser head assemblies (LHAs) generating N output beams, N optical fibers receiving respective N output beams and generating N received output beams, and a torch head recollimating and focusing the N received output beams onto a single spot. Pref
5694408 Fiber optic laser system and associated lasing method December 2, 1997
The fiber optic laser system and associated lasing method amplifies and divides a primary laser signal into a plurality of secondary laser signals. The fiber optic laser system includes a distribution means, such as a distribution module, for dividing a primary laser signal, generated
5283844 Monolithic active waveguide optical crossbar switch February 1, 1994
A semiconductor active waveguide optical crossbar switch to allow optical signals to be routed to any number of ports with no net attenuation of signal strength. The optical crossbar switch is comprised of a network of optical waveguides wherein both lateral and transverse carrier confin
5222095 Rib etched lens June 22, 1993
A semiconductor device structure capable of expanding a laser beam in one-dimension, collimating an expanding beam or focusing a nearly collimated beam. This semiconductor structure is typically comprised of three portions: a rib waveguide portion to propagate a beam of light in the

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