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Zamel; James M.
Hermosa Beach, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6195057 Submarine antenna assembly for deployment through ice layer February 27, 2001
A submarine antenna assembly comprises a tubular body having a removable end cap, a mast stowable in the body and extendible therefrom and having elements mounted thereon, a penetrator stowable in the body and movable therefrom by the mast upon removal of the end cap, the penetrator bein
6081544 Flexure mounting of optical resonator for precision lasers June 27, 2000
The laser beam produced by the improved precision laser maintains an axial stability of less than 20 micro-radians in the presence of ambient temperature changes and shock and vibration of as much as 100 g's, achieving a new milestone in stability. In the new laser one end of the res
6052396 Thermal radiation shield for laser gain module April 18, 2000
A solid state laser apparatus 10 including a laser gain module 12 for generating high energy laser beams 50 and 52 accompanied by non-lasing radiation 60 which, generates heat in the environment of the laser gain module and the apparatus, generally having an adverse affect on the per
5991319 Mirror failure detector for high power lasers November 23, 1999
A detector 50 is included in a laser apparatus for generating a high energy laser beam to protect against the uncontrolled escape of the high energy laser beam from its prescribed optical path 14. The high energy laser beam proceeds along the optical path 14 and is directed to a work sit
5991015 Beam monitoring assembly November 23, 1999
A beam monitoring assembly (10) that provides near-field imaging, far-field imaging and power measurements of a laser beam (12) in real-time for alignment and performance verification purposes. The monitoring assembly (10) includes a holographic beam splitter (24) that splits the laser b
5986805 Polarizer/modulator assembly for lasers November 16, 1999
A polarizer/modulator assembly (10) including a polarizing unit (12) and a modulator unit (14) that are selectively and independently positionable within a resonator cavity of a solid state diode slab laser. The polarizing unit (12) includes a pair of polarizing elements (32, 34) pos
5949805 Passive conductively cooled laser crystal medium September 7, 1999
There is provided an optically pumped laser apparatus 10 which includes a heat conductive assembly 14 which is affixed to a solidstate yag laser crystal medium for generating a laser beam 49 within the laser crystal medium 12. The heat conductive assembly 14 comprises a heat diffusing
5900967 Laser diode mounting technique to evenly deposit energy May 4, 1999
An optical amplifier for a high power, solid state laser which includes a slab of a solid state laser material, for example, yttrium-aluminum-garnet (YAG) crystal. One or more diode arrays may be vertically stacked and configured to provide generally uniform energy distribution in the cr
5881088 Face-cooled high-power laser optic cell March 9, 1999
An optic cell 20 for use in the cavity of a high-power laser comprises an optic housing 22 which defines a first laser beam aperture 26. An optic element 32 such as a mirror or lens is disposed within the optic housing. A first indium layer 30 is between and in abutting contact with the
5790575 Diode laser pumped solid state laser gain module August 4, 1998
A compact diode pumped solid state slab laser gain module 20 is described. The laser gain module comprises a ceramic housing 22, a laser gain medium 24 disposed in the laser cavity 22, and an optical pumping source. The housing is preferably composed of alumina which provides thermal and
5771093 Mounting platform for optical system June 23, 1998
There is provided an improved mounting platform for supporting an optical system required to be precisely aligned. Alignment is required to focus a high-power laser beam on a target in a temperature variable environment that introduces thermal stresses affecting alignment. The platform 3
5748654 Diode array providing either a pulsed or a CW mode of operation of a diode pumped solid state la May 5, 1998
A technique for operating a diode pumped solid state laser in a continuous-wave (cw) mode using diodes blocks (12) that are individually operated in a pulsed mode. For some high power laser applications, it is desirable to provide for operation in pulsed and cw modes, but pump diodes
5730244 Lightweight hydraulic power steering gear March 24, 1998
A lightweight housing (12) for a hydraulic power steering gear (10) includes a tubular structure (34 or 68) with a longitudinal central axis (21 or 23). The tubular structure (34 or 68) has layers extending circumferentially around the axis (21 or 23), including an inner layer (100),

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