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Zaenger; Ian C.
Glen Ellyn, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5012024 Preparation of a dimethylnaphthalene April 30, 1991
A method for preparing one or more dimethylnaphthalenes from one or more dimethyltetralins, and optionally for preparing one or more other specific dimethylnaphthalenes by isomerization of the aforesaid dimethylnaphthal-dimethylnaphthalene(s) is disclosed.
4962260 Preparation of a dimethylnaphthalene October 9, 1990
A method is disclosed for preparing one of more specific dimethylnaphthalene isomers by the isomerization of one or more other specific dimethylnaphthalene isomers in the liquid phase and in the presence of a solid zeolitic isomerization catalyst.
4950825 Preparation of a dimethyltetralin August 21, 1990
A method for preparing one or more specific dimethyltetralins from either 5-(o-, m-, or p-tolyl)-pent-1- or -2-ene or 5-phenyl-hex-1- or -2-ene, and optionally for preparing one or more specific dimethylnaphthalenes from the aforesaid dimethyltetralins is disclosed.

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