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Youvan; Douglas C.
San Jose, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6738502 Multispectral taxonomic identification May 18, 2004
The present invention provides an instrument and methods for a multispectral optical technique that can simultaneously classify individual biological cells within mixed populations. This invention, known as Multispectral Taxonomic Identification (MTID), shows that microscopy can be c
6472163 Solid phase enzyme kinetics screening in microcolonies October 29, 2002
Improvements in calorimetric assays, surfaces for arraying microcolonies and instrument hardware for screening mutagenized enzymes and proteins in a solid phase format are presented. These improvements permit new enzyme activities to be screened. New filter membrane materials and formats
6456734 Calibration of fluorescence resonance energy transfer in microscopy September 24, 2002
Imaging hardware, software, calibrants, and methods are provided to visualize and quantitate the amount of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) occurring between donor and acceptor molecules in epifluorescence microscopy. The MicroFRET system compensates for overlap among do
5914245 Solid phase enzyme kinetics screening in microcolonies June 22, 1999
A MicroColonyImager instrument and solid phase methods to screen cells expressing mutagenized enzymes for enhanced activity. The MicroColonyImager instrument and methods permit high throughput screening of enzyme libraries by time course analyses of single-pixels, using either absorp
5852498 Optical instrument having a variable optical filter December 22, 1998
An optical instrument for use in collecting light from an object, the optical instrument having a post-objective waist with a variable optical filter positioned approximately at the post-objective waist. The invention also comprises an optical instrument for collecting light from an obje

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