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Yoshikawa; Toshiyuki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7737002 Wafer dividing method June 15, 2010
A method of dividing a wafer having a plurality of areas defined by the plurality of streets formed in a lattice on the front surface, devices formed in the defined areas and an adhesive film for die bonding on the rear surface and put on a dicing tape affixed to an annular frame along
7648850 Method for producing semiconductor chip January 19, 2010
A method for producing many semiconductor chips, each having a semiconductor circuit disposed on the face thereof and a die bonding film stuck to the back thereof, from a semiconductor wafer in which many rectangular regions are defined on its face by streets arranged in a lattice pa
7468309 Semiconductor wafer treatment method December 23, 2008
A semiconductor wafer treatment method for dividing an adhesive tape, which has been stuck to the entire back of a semiconductor wafer, along divided streets of the semiconductor wafer. Before division of the adhesive tape by application of laser beams, the state of the divided stree
7446022 Wafer laser processing method November 4, 2008
A wafer laser processing method for forming a groove in a wafer having a protective film on the processing surface of a substrate along a predetermined processing line, comprising a first step for forming a first groove in the protective film along the dividing lines by applying a fi
7399682 Wafer processing method July 15, 2008
A wafer processing method for carrying out processing by applying a laser beam along streets formed on a wafer, comprising a step of applying a laser beam at an incident angle of a predetermined inclination angle to the normal line of a processing surface of the wafer while the wafer is
7265033 Laser beam processing method for a semiconductor wafer September 4, 2007
A laser beam processing method for a semiconductor wafer having a low-dielectric insulating film formed on the front surface of a semiconductor substrate thereof, a plurality of circuits sectioned by streets into a lattice pattern, and metal patterns for testing formed partially on e
7179723 Wafer processing method February 20, 2007
A laser beam processing method for processing a wafer by applying a laser beam to a predetermined area, comprising the steps of forming a resin film which absorbs a laser beam, on the surface to be processed of the wafer; applying a laser beam to the surface to be processed of the wafer
7087857 Method of dividing a workpiece in the form of a plate having a layer and a substrate made of dif August 8, 2006
A method of dividing a plate-like workpiece having a layer that is made of a different material from that of a substrate and is formed on the front surface of the substrate along predetermined dividing lines, comprising a laser beam application step for applying a laser beam to each divi
6998571 Laser beam processing machine February 14, 2006
A laser beam processing machine comprising a chuck table for holding a workpiece and a laser beam application means for applying a laser beam to the workpiece held on the chuck table, wherein the machine further comprises a protective film forming means for forming a protective film
6259854 Lightguide July 10, 2001
A lightguide which guides light from at least one side end plane and includes a plurality of approximately trapezoidal protrusions whose apex edge in the cross section perpendicular to the axis of a linear light source has a partially straight section. The approximately trapezoidal p
6215936 Lightguide having trapezoidally-shaped main body with a level surface at an angle to a rear surf April 10, 2001
A transparent lightguide (3) which guide light at least from one side end plane is characterized in that a large number of speckled, solid-line shaped or broken-line shaped protruding patterns whose cross-sectional width W (.mu.m) at a cross section perpendicular to the axis of a linear
6086212 Panel light source device and display comprising it July 11, 2000
Provided is a panel light source device through which the light availability is increased. The luminance of light to be outputted by the device in the oblique direction that oversteps the front direction of the device is reduced. The device comprises a light source 2, a reflector 8, a
5776636 Method of manufacturing light-transmitting plates July 7, 1998
The present invention includes the steps of forming a stamper with a fine and delicate relief pattern formed thereon by forming a photo resist layer on a flat substrate, exposing the photo resist, developing the exposed photo resist, metallizing and electroforming the surface of the phot

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