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Yoda; Hiroaki
Tsuchiura, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7938617 Pressure test method of double suction volute pump May 10, 2011
According to the present invention, along the right and left sides of a rotary shaft, flat faces that serve as sealing faces are formed at the circumferential edges, on the suction chamber side, of semicircular division plates, which define suction chambers and a discharge chamber of
7371320 Magnetic separation unit and water purification system May 13, 2008
A magnetic separation unit can prevent any magnetic flocs deposited on an inner wall of a water passing pipe from closing a water channel for stabilizing a magnetic separation performance and reduce cost by a small-diameter portion of the water passing pipe. The magnetic separation u
6139745 Purification apparatus October 31, 2000
A purification apparatus and method for enabling the purification of the lake and pond waters, is installed as a fluidized bed sewage system directly on the raw water area. The apparatus takes in the raw waters in the lake and pond and purifies the water. The purified water is fed back
5893978 Purifying method and purification system for lakes and marshes April 13, 1999
A purification system is provided for purifying the water of eutrophic lakes and marshes by partitioning the target lake/marsh to form a specified water treating area therein. For this purpose, a partitioning structure is provided for enclosing and partitioning the whole or part of a
5363668 Absorption air conditioning system and cooling/heating changing-over method November 15, 1994
To provide an absorption air conditioning system and cooling/heating change-over method which do not make users uncomfortable just after a cooling mode is changed to a heating mode and vice versa, there is provided an absorption air conditioning system including an absorption cool wa
5345786 Absorption heat pump and cogeneration system utilizing exhaust heat September 13, 1994
An absorption heat pump and a cogeneration system are provided to have high efficiency of utilizing exhaust heat. An absorption heat pump having an evaporator, an absorber, a high-temperature regenerator, a low-temperature regenerator and a condenser is combined with a fuel cell such tha
5289868 Absorption chiller heater and unit-type air conditioning system March 1, 1994
An unit-type air conditioning system is provided to enable low-load operation of an absorption chiller heater, to thereby improve the load responsiveness, and to use such a chiller heater as an outdoor unit. A plurality of burners are provided in a high temperature generator of the a
5275010 Control method and apparatus of absorption chiller heater January 4, 1994
An individual air conditioning system with an absorption chiller heater having a controllable capacity, with thermal input to a burner of a high temperature regenerator being controlled by on-off control or the like even if the load is low. The temperature of cooling water is controlled
5232085 Distillation system with a hydrophobic porous membrane August 3, 1993
A distillation system has a degassing tank, a distiller for generating vapor of raw water taken from the degassing tank, a heater for heating the vapor from the distiller to convert the vapor into a high temperature and pressure vapor, a hydrophobic porous membrane through which the vapo
5205137 Absorption air conditioner April 27, 1993
An absorption air conditioner having a regenerating chamber for heating and condensing a portion of a dilute solution generated in an absorber and an absorption chamber for causing refrigerant vapor generated in the regenerating chamber to be absorbed into said dilute solution which is a
5105556 Vapor washing process and apparatus April 21, 1992
Vapor is separated from mist accompanying the vapor by passing the vapor through a porous membrane. The vapor having passed through the membrane is brought into contact with an object to be washed and condenses thereon, whereby the object is washed.
4953694 Distilling apparatus September 4, 1990
A distilling apparatus includes an evaporation section which heats raw water and causes the generation of vapor from said raw water, and a hydrophobic porous film through which the thus generated vapor is filtered. Because vapor separated from the raw water is supplied to one surface

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